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Detailed PureVPN Review

In this PureVPN review article, we have fully explained the features, benefits, pricing, and plans. Nowadays, the Internet is scary, so it has become essential to save ourselves from online threats. There are many threats to our privacy, as well as to our data. Our IP address can be used by hackers or government agencies to find out what we do on the Internet.

They can get access to our online activity, and that is a big intrusion into our privacy. It is excellent that security agencies need to be alert, but they cannot randomly check anyone’s online logs.

Some data thieves take these logs and some sensitive data and sell it to the companies that pay them the best amount for it. There are some more issues that people face online, and they are the issues of restriction of websites and content.


Certain websites might be restricted in a region, and there might be some content that is only available in a certain region. Both of these issues violate equal rights for everyone over the Internet.

Many websites are banned in China, and those are not even sensitive websites.There is a lot of content on Netflix that is available for people in the USA or the UK, and this is known as Geo-restrictions on the content.

All the above-mentioned problems can be solved by using a good VPN. There are many VPNs available in the market and most of these can provide users with services to solve all the problems that we just read about. 

This is an article that will talk about one of the best VPNs and that is PureVPN. It is important to choose one of the best VPNs because maybe they can be a bit expensive but they are all worth the money.

People who are thinking that they can also use a free VPN to solve these issues need to know that free VPNs keep logs and sell them to companies that pay them well. 

This is a violation of the basic reason why people use a VPN. A free VPN will also not provide them with the speed that they want or access to Netflix and many other streaming platforms. 

Let’s read about PureVPN review in this article and know if it is worth trying.

PureVPN Review


PureVPN Review
PureVPN Review


PureVPN Review
PureVPN Review
PureVPN Review
PureVPN Review
PureVPN Review

Kill Switch


Zero Log Policy





256-bit AES

Split Tunneling


Simultaneous Connections








Download Speed

37 Mbps

Video Streaming


Money Back Guarantee

31 Days

About PureVPN 

Pure VPN is one of the top VPN providers that has its headquarters in Hong-Kong. This VPN company was founded in the year 2007 and has a lot of experience in the market. They have faced a lot of accusations and have constantly improved their services. 

They were not in the best VPNs list for a long time but with their constant efforts and their dedication, they are now one of the top VPN companies. This company has faced trust issues with their customers, they were not able to provide good performance and there were many security issues as well. 

All these issues have now been resolved to the best of our knowledge and they are said to provide users with great services. With this detailed review, we will try to understand how different aspects of  PureVPN company perform.

All the readers will get a final answer if this is a VPN company that they should choose. They are also one of the most affordable VPN providers and hence it is really important to know if they can also provide great services with great prices. 

Features Of PureVPN

Below is a PureVPN Review list that will explain all the features of this PureVPN provider briefly:

Anonymous Browsing

There is no VPN provider that can provide any other service if they cannot fulfil these criteria. The users need to be anonymous in order to hide from the eyes of hackers and government agencies that might try to look into their activity. 

This is also something that helps users access the geo-restricted content and also the websites that are restricted in their region. This is something that is done by hiding the original IP address of the device and replacing it with the IP of the server that it connects to. The IP provided by the servers is also dynamic, which means it will also keep changing so that it cannot be hacked too.

Saves Data And Browsing History From Hackers and ISP

PureVPN provides anonymity and encryption features that save users data from hackers and also the ISP. ISP can also look into the browsing history of the users as they have access to their IP address. This can also be solved by using PureVPN as they can completely hide the IP address and make it impossible for hackers and ISPs to track them down.

Eliminates Problems Like Throttling and Buffering

There are many service providers that use ill methods like throttling that makes the speed slow. This problem can be solved by using PureVPN because it has servers that eliminate the problem of throttling. 

Eliminates Geo-Restrictions

Users can connect to various servers that PureVPN has in various parts of the world to remove the geo-restrictions on the content available there.

PureVPN allows users to connect to the server in the USA and the UK to remove the geo-restrictions on the content to many streaming platforms. This is one of the best things that can be done by this VPN provider.


PureVPN is one of the best VPN for torrenting. This VPN provider supports P2P file sharing. There are dedicated servers that provide the best experience for this VPN users for downloading and streaming with torrents. These servers ensure that the connection is both fast and secure for users.

Ad Blocker

PureVPN users will not have to go with other ad-blockers as their applications come with one already. Their ad blockers are powerful and can block ads on almost all types of websites.

This helps users to stream any website without the irritation of advertisements. There are some websites that are more ads than content but they are sometimes important too. This VPN provider will block all the ads and make the surfing smooth for the user.

Straightforward Application

PureVPN application is very easy to install and use. The user experience provided is up to the standard of top VPN providers and the template that they use also looks professional. They have easy to use applications for almost all platforms.

Easy Server Switching

Users can easily switch between different servers. The application is made in a way that users can switch the server and not hinder the connection.

It also is smooth and doesn’t take a lot of time. This can be done in case when users face the problem with speed or want to access Geo-restricted content of another country. These are some of the best features offered by PureVPN. If you were looking for these features in your VPN, then click the sign up given below and become a PureVPN user.

Setup And User Interface

In this PureVPN Review, next we are going to see how to setup VPN in your device. It is really easy to install the application of PureVPN on almost all types of platforms and devices. They have dedicated applications for all devices and it also is very easy to be installed on Linux systems.

There are many tutorials that are available online that can teach the users about how they can install PureVPN on different devices.

The interface of the application on every platform is also very user friendly and makes it easy to connect to a server even if the user is a beginner. It is very easy to navigate through the application and do different things or change their settings. This is one of the easiest to use VPN


In this PureVPN Review we have a comparatively small network of servers. The number of servers might be less but the number of places where they are situated is decent and the places where they are situated are spread all across the world. 

This makes it a good option as there will be a server near everyone in this world and also it will remove geo-restrictions of any place that the users want to. 

They have a network of 750 servers and they are spread in 140 countries all over the world. These countries are all prominent ones and the places where people will find great content and all these servers are said to be high-speed servers. 

These allow the users to stream in the best quality without the problems of throttling or buffering. 

These servers are decent enough for most of the users. They allow torrenting and usage of applications like popcorn time that are based on the P2P method for streaming. These servers provide great performance to the users. 

One of the best things is that the application itself assists the users to decide which server will provide their users with the best performance. This ensures great speed and performance every time they use it.


There are various performance tests using some of the prominent sites in order to measure download speeds from various connections and servers. The baseline connection speed of PureVPN is between 64 and 65 Mbps in a managed network where the speed is around 70-71 Mbps. It shows a 9-10% slowdown on internet speed. 

PureVPN does a tremendous job in managing daytime speed tests. But it gradually slows down in the evening. It may be due to overloading of the server or other benchmarking issues. PureVPN has more than 750 servers and offers locations in 140 countries of the world. 

Most of them are covered through virtual servers. The performance is enough to satisfy most users. PureVPN helps in deciding which server can the user opt for by offering helpful icons on the list where servers are there. For easy access, the option of marking certain countries or cities as favourites is also there. 

PureVPN mostly offers reliable service to the customers. They can play online games, stream 1080p videos without buffering or lagging behind. Connecting and disconnecting with various servers is pretty easy and quick for the beginners. So performance wise, this VPN does a good job. Also, if you want it at more affordable price, then you need to checkout the PureVPN deals.

Works Seamlessly Most Of The Times With Netflix 

purevpn review

It is becoming tough to bypass the system that has been appointed by Netflix and some other streaming services to block users who come with a VPN network.  PureVPN does not unblock Netflix every time.

Some of their servers are still not blocked by Netflix, and hence the users can get inside the application and stream their favorite content. 

This also allows users to stream all the geo-restricted content by connecting to a server of the area where the content is available. This PureVPN has excellent performance with almost all the streaming services, and the users can enjoy their favorite shows and movies in the highest quality without any lags.

But still PureVPN has not proved its worth in unblocking Netflix. So if you want a VPN that excel in unblocking Netflix, then you can subscribe to PureVPN by clicking the below giving button.

Can Be Used In China To Access Restricted Websites

PureVPN has been proven to allow people in China to access most of the banned websites in their country. Users in China can connect to an outside server and can easily bypass the network firewall of their country and access all the sites that they want to use. 

China has banned websites that are not harmful in any way, and that has been discriminating against their people. Most of their citizens don’t say anything, but some of them do, and some of them use a VPN and stay anonymous. 

PureVPN has provided the power to its citizens so that they can do what they wish to over the internet and not be controlled by someone else.

Security And Privacy 

In this PureVPN Review, next we will be seeing the privacy and security provided by PureVPN. It's based in Hong-Kong and thus does not retain any law regarding internet usage. They do not keep history or logs of files searched by the user. This enables the user to remain private and safe from activity monitoring. 

PureVPN has created a new privacy policy in May 2018 and does not even record connection logs from that time. They are extremely careful about the trust of users and thus try their best not to jeopardize them.

Zero Logs Policy 

PureVPN was acclaimed for storing connection logs of users before 2018 that dragged down its reputation a bit. After the formation of the new privacy policy, it underwent audits and got verified again. PureVPN has now a clear record of not storing any of the personal data, browsers’ history as well as connection log of any user. 

IP Masking

PureVPN provides IP masking to its users so that the IP address does not get revealed under any circumstance. As the name suggests, it masks the real IP with the help of another virtual IP that enables users to browse irrespective of their geographical location as well as actual identity. 

Military Grade Encryption

PureVPN uses 256-bit encryption that is considered as military-grade encryption. This gives protection against data and makes it impossible for hackers or cybercriminals to access them. The data also gets protection from viruses and malware.

Kill Switch

PureVPN service has an automatic kill switch that is used to prevent unprotected data leaving the network of the user even if the VPN connection fails. Even if connection failure is rare in PureVPN, it has a kind of backup that protects the data and user’s integrity.


When compared to other top VPNs users will find that its speed is a bit below average. There is a loss of speed with all VPNs, but with PureVPN it is a bit more than others.

This is because users have to connect to servers that are at long distances. This is something that can be called decent as in day-to-day use, and users don’t find too many problems with most servers. 

The main servers in the USA and UK also perform decently well so that the users can stream their favorite content in HD. They can download files and use torrent websites without much hassle too. Overall there is some loss of download and upload speed for sure, and that may be very much if we compare it to other VPN services. 

Most users do streaming and at most gaming, and this PureVPN can handle both those activities without any problems. This is why, according to our review, we think their speed is decent and can be chosen if the users are not so concerned about high speed. There might be problems in playing big games and streaming content that is in 4K because of distant servers some time. 


In this PureVPN Review next we are going to discuss about prices of plans which are comparatively very affordable than other VPNs. The per month plan can look a bit expensive, but plans offer an excellent deal for the users one year and two. They are also one of the VPN companies that provide good deals during Black Friday VPN sales.

According to their official pricing lists, their one-month plans come at $10.95, which is average if we compare it to all other top VPNs. Their 6-month plan comes at $8.33 per month, and that is a great price. 

Their 12-month plan comes at $5.82 per month, and the 24-month plan begins at $3.33 per month. Their 2-year plan is the most affordable. They also provide their users a 31 days money-back guarantee.

They also provide a seven-day trial to all the new users but at the cost of $0.99. The users get to access all the premium features for ten days and decide if they want to keep using it more. Also, check out the Black Friday PureVPN deals to get this VPN service at an affordable price.

Customer Support

As far as customer service is concerned, it has some bad reviews. The customer service is slow and frustrating. The support agents need repetitive questioning to get an optimum solution from them. 

Many customers had poor experience regarding customer support, while for others, it was satisfactory. Though it provides 24/7 online chat support, the records and reviews are not so good. 

PureVPN is currently working on its customer support and hoping to improve it in the coming years. So after reading the PureVPN review, if you wanna give a try, then sign up to this VPN service by clicking the below given button.


PureVPN has all the necessary characteristics that one can need in a premium VPN service. The only thing by which it lags from other competitors is its performance as well as the customer service. 

People concerned with their privacy and security might not find it the best choice because of the 2017 cyberstalking case that revealed that they log in user information. Though they have made it clear that they do not log any user activity, it is hard to get the trust back.

The app demands a lot of system resources that eventually makes it slow and even freeze sometimes. Though it has always passed the speed tests by the end of the day, loading time increases in a significant manner. It provides cross-platform support with five simultaneous connections at an impressively low cost. 

PureVPN is a perfect choice for those who are willing to use optimum VPN services at less budget. You can also find amazing PureVPN deals during Black Friday. So If one is well-versed in the features and how to operate, this service can provide a wonderful experience. 

We hope that you find this PureVPN review article useful. Share your views about PureVPN in the comment section 🙂

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