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DETAILED ExpressVPN Review

ExpressVPN is one of the fastest and top-notch VPN available in the market. It outshines all other VPN providers in terms of speed, features, and performance. ExpressVPN provides many professional features that help it to stand out from the crowd and become the best VPN in the market.

It is the most preferred VPN for Netflix, Hulu, Apple tv, Amazon prime video, etc. due to its fast Internet Speed and convincing Geo-unblocking record. It also offers many amazing features like split-tunneling, kill-switch, which are rarely provided by other VPNs.

But the price of this VPN is quite higher than the average price, which makes you rethink whether this VPN is really a good choice or not. If you want to get amazing ExpressVPN offers, then stay tuned in this article to know about ExpressVPN review and ExpressVPN deals in detail.


ExpressVPN Review


ExpressVPN review
ExpressVPN review
ExpressVPN review


ExpressVPN review
ExpressVPN review
ExpressVPN review
ExpressVPN review
ExpressVPN review

Kill Switch

Desktop only

Zero Log Policy





256-bit AES w/ Perfect Forward Secrecy

Split Tunneling








Download Speed


Video Streaming


Money Back Guarantee

30 Days

ExpressVPN Plans And Pricing

Let me start the ExpressVPN review with its plans and pricing. ExpressVPN comes in three different plans i.e. monthly, half-yearly, and annually. The Monthly Plan of the ExpressVPN costs $12.95 per month, which is not cheap after all. But when you buy it for 6 months the price drops to $9.99 per month, which is cheaper than many VPN service providers.

But the real discount lies in the annual plan of ExpressVPN which is 35%. You can have ExpressVPN for $8.32 per month if you go for an annual plan which is a cheaper deal to go for. You can check out the ExpressVPN deals on the Black Friday sale and grab the best offer.

However, many other big VPN service providers like NordVPN offer their services at $6.99 per month which is a bit cheaper than ExpressVPN. But the real saving happens when you go for VPNs like Ivacy, Private Internet Access or Windscribe. Because these VPNs can cost you as little as $3 per month, but their features are not up to the mark. 

Moreover, They provides five simultaneous connections from different devices, which is far less than what the competing VPNs are offering. For comparison, NordVPN provides 6 simultaneous connections whereas Surshark and Windscribe provide unlimited connections over one account which is just great. However, you can use a VPN-enabled router for solving this problem.

The advantage of using a VPN-enabled router is that you can connect as many devices to your VPN as you want by simply connecting them to your WiFi-router. This is very helpful when you are using the devices which can't run VPNs on their own.

ExpressVPN gives an edge to other VPNs in this reign as it can be installed in most of the routers, and you can also purchase a FlashRouter which comes preloaded with ExpressVPN software.

In short, the price of ExpressVPN is higher than the prevailing prices in the market, but let's see whether it features can cover-up the high-price or not. But if you are looking for a VPN industry's leading VPN service, then ExpressVPN is the one. So if you want to try this VPN, click the below given link and sign up for the service.

Server And Its Locations

It is most important feature to consider while reading a ExpressVPN review and before getting a VPN subscription. Servers are the machines with which your device will get connected and server locations are the places where these machines are located. It is important to analyze servers and server locations to evaluate the Geo-unblocking capacity and  speed  of a VPN. 

They have servers at 160 different locations across 90 countries, which are far more diverse than any other VPN. For comparison, CyberGhost supports only 112 locations while NordVPN supports only 60 locations.

ExpressVPN Review

ExpressVPN offers most bio-diverse servers in the market. With ExpressVPN, you can also enjoy servers at the locations which are generally ignored by other VPN companies like Africa, South America, Russia, Vietnam, or Turkey.

The best part of ExpressVPN is that it uses virtual servers. These servers are software-defined servers, which means that you can host multiple virtual servers through a single piece of hardware.

These servers can also change their virtual location without changing the location of physical hardware, which means that you will be unaware of where the actual server is located. I know you will be thinking that virtual servers are against your privacy but trust me, ExpressVPN uses them in a very useful manner. 

ExpressVPN Review

First of all, ExpressVPN uses only 3% virtual servers and it has given a list of where these servers are located to make things transparent. ExpressVPN clearly states that it uses this kind of servers only for providing better security to its customers.

They never hosts its physical servers in dangerous countries like Russia, Turkey, and Vietnam. But instead of this, it uses virtual servers for these locations so that the data of its users remain safe and untampered. Also, you can completely rely on any server of ExpressVPN without a single bit of fear of data-tampering.  

ExpressVPN On Privacy

Many people use a VPN just for privacy, and if a VPN company will compromise their privacy, then there will be no difference between ISP and VPN. Therefore how a VPN company treats its user's data matters the most and ExpressVPN is doing amazing work in this criteria. 

Privacy Policy

You can read the "Privacy towards logs" page of the ExpressVPN, where they clearly state what they collect and what they do not.

They clearly state that they never store IP addresses, browsing history, DNS queries, data content, and traffic destination. These are the only sources of knowing the identity of a person, and if a VPN company is not storing this information, then any authority can never track you down. You will also get an example of this later in this section.

Third-Party Audit

ExpressVPN also underwent a third-party audit from PricewaterhouseCoopers to prove that it never logs any information of its users. The audit verified that the company is strictly following no-log policy and no data of users is getting stored. A very handful of VPN service providers had undergone third-party audits, which makes ExpressVPN better than its many competitors.

ExpressVPN server seized by Turkish Authorities

In 2017, the Turkish authorities seized a server of ExpressVPN for obtaining customer's data. So officials of ExpressVPN were ordered by Turkish authorities to provide the logs, and legally there was no other way to get rid of authorities except giving them stored logs.

But the thing is that there were no-logs stored by the company, so there was no way to provide them to authorities. Therefore, even after the order of authorities, ExpressVPN managed to keep its user's data anonymous.

Located In British Virgin Islands 

The headquarters of ExpressVPN is in the British Virgin Islands, which is an independent country with no strict data retention laws. It honors the privacy of the businessman and individuals operating there and hence under no circumstances, your data will be shared with third-parties.

Security provided by ExpressVPN

Security is a very important determinant while selecting a VPN. Hackers and data-exploiters are becoming more creative and smart day by day, therefore, great security features are important for the safety of users. Let's test the encryption, VPN protocols, security features, and leak test results of ExpressVPN and see how secure this VPN is.

Encryption Technology 

ExpressVPN currently uses an AES 256-bit cipher with a 4096-bit RSA key and SHA-512 HMAC authentication, which is the highest level of encryption and nobody could have cracked this encryption as of now.

ExpressVPN also supports "Perfect Forward Secrecy Feature" which assigns a new key to you automatically after every 60 minutes while the session remains open. So even after hacking into your system, the hacker will only have 60 minutes to perform its hacks which will be insignificant and provide you ultimate security from hackers.


When you are connected to a VPN, your internet speed and security level depends on the protocol you choose for a VPN. With ExpressVPN, you can easily select a protocol, and if you don't know which protocol will be best for you, you can choose the "Automatic" option under "Protocol." Then ExpressVPN will automatically select the best protocol for your device based on your network settings.

Most of the time, you will be connected to OpenVPN UDP protocol, which is a perfect combination of   security and speed. Still, while experiencing connection problems, you will automatically connect to OpenVPN TCP protocol, which functions on all types of networks but with reduced Internet speed.

Overall, ExpressVPN gives complete flexibility to its users to choose a protocol of their choice. It can also select the best protocol for you automatically, which makes it best in this area.

ExpressVPN leak test

ExpressVPN offers a DNS leak protection feature to save its users from any DNS leak and moreover, it also runs its own 256-bit encrypted DNS on each of its servers, which is found in very rare VPN service providers.

Many DNS leak testing websites like IPLeak, DNS Leak Test, and Browser Leaks confirmed that ExpressVPN servers were using the IP address for their DNS queries, and none of them had any DNS leaks, which confirms that ExpressVPN is best for security.

In short, ExpressVPN has all advanced security measures to keep you safe from third-parties and it is the best option for you if you want maximum security while surfing on the Internet.

Speed and Performance

Most of the people don't like using VPNs, because VPNs compromise the Internet speed of their users. It happens basically due to the real-time encryption of data and less availability of bandwidth due to lack of servers. But with ExpressVPN you don't need to worry about the Internet speed as it is one of the fastest VPN.

I have tested many servers of the ExpressVPN for downloading files and streaming 4K videos and the results were amazing. ExpressVPN was providing maximum speed at every server and it was adequate to stream 4K content. This makes ExpressVPN great in the context of speed and you can completely rely on it for watching 4K videos. If fast speed is your deal, then you must use subscribe to ExpressVPN. Click the below given link and join this VPN club.

ExpressVPN on Netflix

If you want a VPN for streaming Netflix content then ExpressVPN will be the best choice for you. Netflix regularly blocks IP addresses of the VPN servers and there are very few VPNs left that still work with Netflix.

Almost every server of the ExpressVPN is competent to help you access Netflix and if in some situations a server doesn't work for you, then you can access 24√ó7 customer support and they will give you a server suitable for streaming Netflix.

The internet speed that ExpressVPN offers is sufficient to even watch a video in 4K with no buffering. ExpressVPN is not only great for Netflix but you can also stream Amazon Prime Video, Youtube, or BBC iPlayer through it. It is helpful when you want to watch content that is blocked in your country due to Geo-restrictions.

However, as I have mentioned earlier that streaming companies regularly blocks VPN servers, therefore, you might experience a problem while streaming your content through any particular server, but most of the servers of the ExpressVPN unblocks almost every big streaming platform including Amazon Prime Video, which blocks VPN servers more rigorously.

Due to the top-notch streaming services provided by ExpressVPN, it is also a great choice for Apple TV, Nvidia Shield TV, and for any other android tv.

ExpressVPN on Torrent

Many people use torrents for fast downloading of their favorite content such as files, videos, apps, etc. So, they need a VPN that can provide fast Internet speed and ensure complete anonymity of them.

Well, ExpressVPN is best for both of these conditions. ExpressVPN offers more than 3000 servers to select for downloading something over torrent, which offers lightning-download speed to the users.

Moreover, it has a kill-switch and split-tunneling feature to ensure the security of your device. The company also gives unlimited bandwidth to its users and never throttles its internet connection, no matter how much internet they are using. These all features make ExpressVPN a great choice for Torrenting.

Split-Tunneling Feature

You have to admit that for some apps, the regular Internet is better than VPN. For instance, if you're playing a game like PUBG, then you don't need a VPN to secure you, but instead of this, you need a high-speed internet connection for which regular Internet is the only option.

But for this, you have to disconnect to the VPN, and then you will have to connect to VPN again when you want to open Netflix or Torrent. But with ExpressVPN, you can solve this problem by using the split-tunneling feature of this VPN.

This feature allows you to select the apps, which will go through the VPN tunnel and go through the regular Internet. This feature is helpful if you want a VPN for only selected apps.

With this feature, you don't have to disconnect from the VPN while accessing other apps like gaming apps or banking apps, as you can use the split-tunneling feature to bypass VPN. You can access this feature in the settings of the VPN.

Reliable Android and iOS apps

ExpressVPN is available for all Windows, Mac, iOS and Android,users. But the thing which makes it unique is that unlike other VPN providers, it's iOS and Android apps are not compromised in terms of features and security. It offers all the important features for both Android and iOS devices. It supports OpenVPN protocol for tunneling in both Android and iOS devices, which is the most secure protocol as of now.

This feature is important as many people use VPN for their Android or Apple TV and if a VPN is not suitable for iOS and Android operating systems, then it will create a lot of problems. But with ExpressVPN you don't need to worry about these problems as it is efficient in all platforms and its interface is user-friendly.

ExpressVPN Customer support

Customer Support is an important factor while purchasing a VPN. If the VPN you have purchased doesn't have a well-experienced customer care staff, then a single issue with your VPN will create problems and you will stand helpless even after paying monthly charges for that VPN.

Fortunately, ExpressVPN is the best in terms of customer support. You can have an answer to almost every problem on the website of ExpressVPN, where they have posted detailed articles about most asked issues like how to select the best location for you or how to set up ExpressVPN on your windows.

The search engine of the website is also great in giving you the most precise article that will work with your issue.

And if you don't get your solution on the website or you simply don't want to access the website then you can simply approach the life-chat and the agents on the live-chat will help you with your problem and they assist you until they solve your issue.

This type of customer-care helps a lot when you get to face some issue, and with VPNs falling into issues is a very often phenomenon no matter how technical you are, therefore, customer-support on VPN becomes more important. This was all about ExpressVPN review. If you interested to become a ExpressVPN user, then click the below given link.

Summary About ExpressVPN Review

ExpressVPN is evidently fantastic in providing all major features to its customers. It provides lightning-fast Internet speed over more than 3000 servers. It also helps in accessing the Geo-blocked content by providing servers at more than 140 locations in the world across 90 different countries.

It is very strict in keeping its user's data private and never stores or shares any personal information of any of its users. 

It also provides military-grade encryption and other security measures to keep its users safe from hackers and third-parties. It offers many professional features like "Kill-Switch" and "Split-Tunnelling" to make people more comfortable while using a VPN.

However, its price is a bit higher than its competitors and many VPN providers like NordVPN offer similar features at a lower price than ExpressVPN which will force you to rethink whether this VPN will be perfect for you or not.

If you want a reasonable VPN with fewer features and qualities then you can go for some other VPN, but if the quality and features of a VPN are more important for you then this one will be best for you.

ExpressVPN accepts payments from a wide range of methods including bitcoins. PayPal, credit card, and many others. There is a 30-days money-back guarantee offer on all platforms and a 7-day trial on Android and iOS app to help you in checking its services yourself without the fear of losing your money. If you want to grab ExpressVPN at low price, then check out the ExpressVPN deals in our article. 

This was all about the ExpressVPN review. If you liked the article then please share this article with your friends. Also if you have any doubts regarding any topic I have discussed in this article then you can comment it down and I will try to solve your problem.

Also, if you have used ExpressVPN then you can also share your review with me by commenting on this article. I will meet you next time with some other interesting and knowledgeable article.

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