Can I Watch Live On HBO Now Using VPN

If you ask 'Can I watch Live on HBO Now', you got to read this article to find out the answer. I bet you it is going to be useful. HBO Now is one of the best streaming platforms where you can watch all popular content created by HBO anytime you want. HBO Now offers a library of amazing and mind-blowing shows which will never let you feel bored once you buy its subscription. 

Games of Thrones, Sopranos, Ballers, True Detective, and Entourage are some best shows produced by HBO. HBO is one of the few studios which always provide more than the expectations and buying a subscription of such a platform is not a bad deal.


But no matter how good HBO Now subscription is, you can't have it if you live outside the US. Yes, HBO Now is region locked and it can only be accessed within US territories. But what if you live outside the US and still want to stream HBO Now.

Don't worry, I have a solution to this problem which is called VPN. A VPN can change your virtual location and give you access to all geo-restricted content on HBO Now. We will discuss how VPN works and how to use it to watch Live on HBO Now in this article.

Can I Watch Live On HBO Now

  Why you Need a VPN For HBO Now

HBO Now puts geo-restrictions and blocks you from accessing it by examining your IP address. Yes, your IP address reveals your city and country and it's the only thing which hinders you from watching HBO Now. But don't worry as you can use a VPN to get rid of these geo-restrictions.

A VPN(Virtual Private Network) routes your complete data-traffic through an intermediate server which eventually hides your real IP address and gives you a duplicate one(IP address of the intermediate server).

Therefore, if you will access the HBO Now website while connected to a VPN server of the US, then the website server will think that you live in the US and give you access to the website. I have personally used and tested ExpressVPN for unblocking HBO Live. It does a good job, so I suggest you to choose ExpressVPN to unblock HBO Now.

Benefits Of Using A VPN

If you are using a good quality VPN then you can not only access HBO Now with it but you also get entitled to multiple benefits such as:

1. Data Security

A VPN not only routes your data through a server but it also encrypts your data traffic on both ends(your computer and website' server) which means that no hacker can hack into your system by performing "Man in the middle attack". Moreover, a VPN hides your IP address which makes it impossible for hackers and other third parties to track you down. Thus it is a complete package for ensuring your security.

2. Data Privacy

All ISPs store your search history whereas websites store your cookies, locations and other data. If you don't want to share this information with them then also a VPN will be a perfect choice for you. If you are using a VPN then no website or ISP can collect your data.

A good quality VPN also never stores your personal information including your search history, connection logs, watch-history, etc. So, even your wifi-service provider would never be able to know what you were watching on HBO-Now.

Can I Watch Live On HBO Now

3.Unrestricted Content Access

A VPN not only gives you access to HBO Now but it opens gates for all streaming platforms including Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, and many others. Moreover, you can access any library of Netflix and Amazon with a VPN which means you can watch the best content of different countries by just using a normal tool.

4. Multiple Platforms

A VPN is supported on almost every platform whether it is an Apple Tv or Android Phone. Moreover, you can also set up a VPN for your router and then all devices connected to that router will automatically get connected to a VPN server.

How To Setup VPN For HBO

Here is the step-by-step guide to set up a VPN. Follow these steps to watch your favorite shows on HBO.

  • Select a VPN service for your device. There are many VPNs available in the market which can be suitable for you. You can do your own research to find the best VPN for you.
  • We recommend ExpressVPN for streaming HBO because it is the fastest VPN available in the market and best suited for streaming purposes.
  • Visit the website of your VPN service provider and sign-up for the service and remember your credentials. Now, pay with any supported method of payment.
  • Now download the app of your VPN on your device. Always download the app from a trusted website, i.e, provider's website, google play store, or app store.
  • If your service provider doesn't support an app then you can also use OpenVPN for connecting to the VPN server.
  • Now, open the app and sign-in with the credentials you used while signing-up.
  • Now, select an American server and hit the " connect" button. You will be connected to an American VPN server in some seconds, based on your internet connection.
  • Now, open HBO Now and stream your favorite shows and movies.

How To Subscribe For HBO Now

Can I Watch Live On HBO Now

You can not simply buy HBO Now subscription with your credit-card or debit-card outside the US because HBO will easily get that your bank account doesn't belong to the US. Therefore you will need to do some makeshift for doing this. Follow the below steps for subscribing to HBO Now.

  1. Visit and buy HBO Now gift of $30.
  2. Now, visit the website of HBO Now and subscribe to the service.
  3. Enter your personal details and in the column of zip-code, enter an American zip-code which is near to the server you are connected to as of now.
  4. That's all now you're subscribed to HBO Now. 

So after subscribing to this web service, you can watch Live on HBO Now.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is The Difference Between HBO Now And HBO Go?

HBO Now and HBO Go are both on-demand video platforms offered by HBO. They both have the same shows and movies and there is no difference in any service on both platforms.

But the difference is that with HBO Go you require a subscription of the cable channel of HBO and it's free for you to access it after having that. Whereas with HBO Now you don't need any cable subscription and you can directly buy a subscription of HBO at 15$ per month.

2. How Many Devices Can Be Used With A Single Account Of HBO Now?

You can stream HBO Now on 3 platforms simultaneously after buying a single subscription. This is a benefit because you can share your account with your loved ones.

3. Can I Download HBO Now Videos Offline?

No, there is no download option in HBO Now and you need a persistent internet connection for streaming HBO Now.


HBO is one of the best studios who always amaze its audience through unique and amazing shows and movies. With HBO Now, HBO provides it's best services to cord-cutters but still, non-US HBO fans are restricted to access any content produced by HBO.

But a VPN can help you to access HBO Now from any location. This is a trusted method and I hope that this will work for you too. But if you face any issue then you can contact me and I will try my best to solve your problems. Also, if you find that ExpressVPN does not fit your budget, then you can opt for Surfshark VPN which is cheap and also offers best features for its users.

This was all about how to watch Live on HBO Now outside the US. If you liked the article then please subscribe to our website and share this article with your friends who wanted to watch HBO Now shows but couldn't do it because of Geo-restrictions.

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