Surfshark Black Friday Deals Of This Year (FLAT 83% OFF)

Surfshark Black Friday is the best day to grab amazing discounts and offers. SurfShark is just a newbie in the VPN market yet it possesses a significant market share in the VPN industry. This year SurfShark is going to offer a jaw-dropping deal on its VPN subscription.


If you are a VPN user who is browsing for a decent VPN service provider with the minimum cost, then this is the end of your quest. In this article, we will see more about this tempting offer by SurfShark VPN, and then we will go through some of the fantastic features of SurfShark VPN. Before getting started, please take a look at other Black Friday VPN deals listed on our site










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Surfshark Black Friday pricing Table

 1 month 

Black Friday Price


Regular price




Money-back guarantee

30 days

2 year

Black Friday Price

$2.21+ 3 months

Regular price




Money-back guarantee

30 days


Black Friday Price


Regular price




Money-back guarantee

30 days

So, Surfshark is offering a straight 20% discount on its two-year plan. However, the company already offers great discounts on its two-year plan the whole year. And after combining its whole-year discount with Surfshark Black Friday discount, we get a whopping 83% discount on the deal.

If you are a VPN-lover or simply planning to buy a VPN then you should definitely go for this one. I will back-up this recommendation with some amazing and unique features of SurfShark VPN later in this article. 

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How to avail 

Surfshark Black Friday Offer

If you are convinced by the price and features of SurfShark and planning to buy it then just follow these simple 4 steps:-

SurfShark Black Friday
  • Click-here to go to the SurfShark official website.
  • Now, select your favourite plan which will be obviously the two-year plan as it is offering a maximum discount. 
  • Now, give your Gmail account to the website.
  • And at last pay for the service using any accepted mode of payment.

Now, you are ready to install and setup SurfShark VPN on your devices. 

Star Features of Surfshark

  • One can connect unlimited devices to the SurfShark server by paying for just a single subscription.
  • Offers Cleanweb ad-blocker.
  • Offers many unique features like whitelisting, camouflage mode, no-borders mode, and multi-hop. 

Why do you need Surfshark?

Now, the answer to this question is similar to Why do you need a VPN?"

Well, the obvious answer to this question is that we need a VPN to maintain our security, privacy, and freedom. Now, let's see in detail how SurfShark serves on these three grounds. 

First of all, SurfShark encrypts our data-traffic with military-level encryption to secure our devices from hacking attacks.

The next thing it does is hide your IP address from websites and hackers which makes it impossible to track you down. It also takes care of DNS leaks through encrypted DNS servers.

And at last, it provides you with complete freedom to access any website on the internet. It also gives you access to all content of the streaming platforms which was earlier blocked for you due to geo-restrictions.

In short, you need a VPN for both security and comfortability. 

 Server And Location

SurfShark is a new VPN service provider and hence doesn't have a fancy number of servers. At the present time, it possesses 800+ high-speed servers in more than 50 locations of the world which will be enough for you.


We have tested many servers for SurfShark in terms of speed. We found out that there was a significant decrease in Internet speed after connecting to a SurfShark VPN server but still the speed was enough for gaming, streaming HD videos, and torrenting. With even the far positioned servers, we got consistent internet speed.

So, it is not as fast as ExpressVPN but still its a good choice for people who don't require extremely high internet speeds. 

Streaming and P2P

SurfShark VPN is an excellent VPN for streaming purposes. It is one of the few VPNs who can unblock Netflix successfully. Plus, it can also unblock all other major streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, HBO GO, and BBC iPlayer.

Moreover, SurfShark VPN is also compatible with HD streaming which can further enhance your streaming experience.

SurfShark is compatible with P2P Torrenting on all major torrenting platforms like Utorrent, Bit Torrent, Popcorn Time, etc. All of the SurfShark servers are compatible with p2p sharing and torrenting.

SurfShark also takes care of your security and anonymity while torrenting so that you don't have to worry while downloading your favorite stuff from torrent.


SurfShark loads its VPN service with many professional and unique security measures. Let's discuss each of them in short. SurfShark provides a Whitelist feature so that you can select which apps should comment on VPN or which should not.

It also provides a kill-switch feature to block the data traffic if the VPN connection drops down. Plus, a multi-hop feature that would route your data-traffic through two servers to give your extra assurance. And with camouflage mode, your ISP can't even tell that you are using a VPN.

SurfShark also employs DNS leak protection measures and scores positive in all DNS leak tests. Clearly, SurfShark is the best option for security.


SurfShark takes care of your privacy too. It is located at British Virgi Islands where data retention laws are completely privacy-friendly. SurfShark is also planning to do a third-party suit to resonate with the trust of SurfShark users on its privacy measures.

Protocols and encryption

SurfShark VPN uses IKEv2/IPsec as a default protocol for all of its devices which is a secure protocol. Plus, it also gives you complete freedom to use OpenVPN protocol on all devices. Clearly, OpenVPN is slightly better than IKEv2/IPse and we will recommend you to use it.

SurfShark encrypts our data traffic through AES-256-GCM encryption which is military-level encryption and impossible to crack.


Logs are the users' personal information such as timestamps, session information, used bandwidth, traffic logs, IP addresses, etc. SurfShark never stores such information of its users and strictly follows a no-log policy. It is among the most transparent VPNs available in the market. 

Customer support

SurfShark takes care of its users even after selling them a subscription. It has employed an efficient and responsive 24×7 live chat support system to entertain the queries of its users. The technicians available at this live chat are also well-qualified and very friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we use a free VPN for our devices?

Yes, you can but I will not recommend a free VPN to you. Free VPNs offer a terrible internet speed and limited bandwidth which could be quite frustrating.

Also, many free VPNs secretly store your logs and other private information and sell them to third parties and misuse them. So free VPN is not recommended. You can try Surfshark VPN which is the most cheapest VPN service and it is reliable also.

Is SurfShark compatible with my device?

SurfShark VPN has client apps for almost all major platforms. It is fully compatible with all operating systems like Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, Chrome, and Firefox.

Can I get SurfShark VPN for free?

No, SurfShark doesn't offer a free version of its services. However, it offers a 7-day trial for android and iOS users. So, you can use it freely for 7-days and then buy its subscription if you really like the service.

Which mode of payments are available with Surfshark VPN?

With Surfshark, you can pay through various modes like credit cards, debit cards, amazon and google pay, PayPal, Bitcoin, and many other different modes of payment.


SurfShark VPN is evidently an amazing VPN with a very low price. It is quite new in the market but still manages to out-excel many elite VPNs. So, if you are interested in this VPN then buy it asap as this sale will not go-on for months.

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