NordVPN Black Friday Deals & Get Massive 70% Discount

NordVPN Black Friday is the time to avail the best discounts and offers on subscriptions. NordVPN is one of the most secure VPNs with amazing security features and terrific internet speed. It has military level security measures and a very strict no-log policy. Also, it is one of the most reasonable VPNs available in the market.


And today, NordVPN Black Friday sale is offering amazing and jaw-dropping offers on its subscription plan to make it more affordable for you. In today's article, we are going to see all the amazing offers of NordVPN and then we will go through some of the best features of NordVPN.

As we all know that NordVPN is one of the best VPN in market, you can also check out the other VPN Black Friday deals we listed. So let's get started.










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NordVPN Black Friday pricing Table

 1 month 

Black Friday Price


Regular price




Money-back guarantee

30 days

2 year

Black Friday Price


Regular price




Money-back guarantee

30 days


Black Friday Price


Regular price




Money-back guarantee

30 days

Currently, NordVPN is only offering a discount on its two-yearly plan but it is also an amazing deal. With a 68% discount on a two-year plan of NordVPN, the monthly price drops to $3.71 per month which is a reasonable price for a VPN.

So, if it seems alright to you then you should definitely buy this product before this limited time offer expires.

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How to avail 

NordVPN Black Friday Offer

If you have made your mind to get the benefit of this NordVPN Black Friday deal then follow these steps:-

NordVPN Black Friday
  • Search for the available plans.
  • There you will see a discounted two-year NordVPN plan.
  • Select it and buy its subscription.
  • That's all, now you are ready to secure your devices with the best VPN at the best price.

Now, you are ready to use NordVPN to secure your devices from all potential online threats. 

Star Features of NordVPN

  • Hosting of 5700 high-speed servers which are higher than any other VPN service provider.
  • Provides unique features like CyberSec, DoubleVPN and Onion-Over-VPN.
  • It is a torrent-friendly VPN service. 
  • It is contributing significantly to developing the WireGuard protocol.

Why do you need NordVPN?

NordVPN is the best combination of price and features. It does military level encryption of your data-traffic and provides many amazing features like CyberSec, double-VPN and onion over VPN to secure your device from all potential threats. Otherwise, your device can easily become the target of hacking attacks and malware.

NordVPN also hides your IP address and online activities from third parties like the government, hackers and your own ISP. They all can use your information for personal gains or unfair purposes.

Plus, it also unblocks all sites and media streaming apps for you. Hence, you can fully explore the internet and watch whatever you want with a NordVPN subscription.

Server And Their Location

NordVPN has the highest server count of more than 5700 servers. With such a high number of servers, you can easily find an uncrowded server near you. NordVPN also covers more than 59 countries in the world providing you with a great number of servers at various locations to choose from.

It does not use a single virtual server so there is complete transparency in its servers and there is nothing hidden from you. 


NordVPN is not evidently the fastest VPN of the market and it's behind CyberGhost and ExpressVPN in terms of speed. This is also reasonable as it equips itself with many security measures which decrease its speed substantially. But still, it manages to provide you with fine internet speed.

With NordVPN, you can easily watch HD videos without any buffering (though you may have to face problems in 4k streaming). The downloading speed of NordVPN is also good to download even huge files. 

Streaming and P2P

NordVPN has an excellent score in geo-unblocking the streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, BBC, Amazon Prime Video etc. Though some servers of NordVPN may not work with these streaming apps the majority of servers unblock the sites easily.

Plus, with high-speed internet and unlimited bandwidth by NordVPN, you can easily watch videos in HD on all servers.

P2P Torrenting is also very easy with NordVPN. This VPN provides a p2p option which can assist you in finding the best p2p friendly server near you. It also has a kill switch feature to terminate the session immediately if the VPN connection drops. Thus, ensuring complete anonymity of you while tormenting. 


Security is a concerning issue nowadays but NordVPN serves it quite well through its amazing and unique security measures. First of all, it provides complete DNS leak protection and encrypted DNS servers on all connections to stop DNS leaks and IP addresses leaks.

Moreover, it also provides many advanced security options like Double VPN and Onion Over VPN which ensures ultimate security and anonymity on the cost of reducing internet speed a bit.

And at last, an ad-blocker, cybersec to improve your experience on the internet. 


NordVPN keeps the privacy of its users at the top. It is located in Panama where there are no data retention laws. Plus, NordVPN is one of the few VPNs who undergo an annual third-party audit of their services.

The last audit was done in 2018 and it verified the fact that NordVPN does not store any information about their users. So, your data is completely safe with them.

Protocols and encryption

NordVPN supports OpenVPN protocol on all platforms. This protocol is the best combination of security and speed. This VPN is also working on WireGuard protocol which is under development now and can bring revolution in the tech industry.

NordVPN uses military level encryption with AES-256-GCM cypher and HMAC SHA256 hash authentication to encrypt your data traffic.


NordVPN follows a strict no-log policy and never stores any personal information of its users. The privacy policy of the company clearly states that they never store connection time stamps, session information, used bandwidth, traffic logs, IP addresses, or other data.

Its third-party audits also resonate the trust of VPN users on its services.

Customer support

NordVPN employs an efficient customer support system in case you face any problem regarding VPN. First of all, there is a dedicated support website of NordVPN where you can find detailed guides on various topics.

Then there is 24√ó7 live chat support where you can get answers to your queries within minutes through expert technicians. NordVPN also has email support which is not as fast as live chat but it's equally reliable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we use a free VPN for our devices??

Yes, you can but I will not recommend a free VPN to you. And I have many reasons in support of it. First of all, free VPNs offer a terrible internet speed and limited bandwidth which could be quite frustrating. Plus, many free VPNs secretly store our logs and other private information and sell them to third parties which can use them for unfair purposes.

Why is NordVPN slower than ExpressVPN??

NordVPN performs equally as ExpressVPN in terms of speed. However, sometimes NordVPN provides a slightly slower speed than ExpressVPN. This slight reduction in speed occurs due to high-level encryption offered by NordVPN on all of its servers.

Can I use NordVPN on my router??

Yes, you can easily configure your router to connect it to NordVPN. It will connect all devices of your home to the VPN automatically. Consequently, you will be able to use VPN on even your television.

What does a 30-day money-back guarantee mean??

A 30-day money-back guarantee is an assurance by ExpressVPN that you can take your money back if you do not like their services. You can do it within the 30-days of your subscription. There is also a 7-day trial for android and ios device users to check ExpressVPN services.

Which mode of payments are available with Nordvpn??

With NordVPN, you can pay through various modes like credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, Bitcoin, and many other different modes of payment.


NordVPN is clearly a one and only VPN of its kind. It is a perfect blend of price and features. With just a price of $3.71, NordVPN is a perfect option for everyone. But this sale will not go on for months. So if you find this VPN amazing then buy it asap.

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