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Nvidia Shield Tv is one of the best selling media players. It's an Android TV so it has the combination of all features of a TV and an Android device. So you can do anything on this TV the same as you do on your android smartphone. 

For example, you can play your favourite android games on it or stream android streaming apps like Netflix. It also has an in-built google assistant where you just need to speak what you want to watch and your Shield TV will fulfill your wish.


But these features are nothing compared to it's biggest feature which is it's Ultra 4k resolution. It has an inbuilt AI which converts normal HD (720p/1080p) video to 4K in real-time which means if a movie is only available in HD even then you can watch it in 4K. 

These features can make anyone fall in love with this TV and it is the main reason behind Nvidia Shield's worldwide popularity. But due to geopolitical restrictions, many people find it difficult to watch their favorite International TV shows and movies. 

If you are one of them then this article is for you. I am going to provide you with a complete solution package for this problem using a VPN. Not just streaming, there are a tons of benefits you can get while using VPN for Nvidia Shield.

What Is The Need For VPN For Nvidia Shield Users?

Well, there are many reasons for which a Nvidia Shield user needs to use VPN. But Geo-restrictions is the most common reason behind it. Most people don't want to get limited to the content available for their country and want to watch International TV-shows and movies.

And for this purpose, the VPN is the best choice for you that actually hides your IP address. It provides you with an IP address of the country or region. It helps you to watch any video without any restrictions whether it's an American Netflix Library or something else.

Other than this, VPN is also useful for securing your data and hiding history from your ISP (Internet Service Provider). VPN encrypts your connection with the server and makes all your data safe and secure.

Maybe you think that you don't need any VPN while streaming Nvidia Shield. But you actually do and that's why I have brought up this article only for you. Here I am suggesting 5 Best VPNs and their setup. But first of all, let's understand all the benefits of using a VPN.

Benefits Of Using VPN For Nvidia Shield

Now I will discuss some of the best features and its benefits of a VPN

1. Secures Data

There are many hackers or exploiters who try to steal your data and use it for unfair purposes. Even if you're using the internet in your Android TV chances are there that your data can be stolen by hackers.

But if you have a VPN installed in your device then you don't need to worry about it. Because a VPN will encrypt all data between you and your server and will also hide your personal information from everybody by hiding your IP address. So a VPN ensures complete data security for their users.

2. Unrestricted Content access

Without using a VPN you can access only the content that is available in your region and you will never get a chance to watch the content accessible for people of another region like Netflix libraries of a different country.

But if you're using a best VPN for Nvidia Shield then you can change your IP address location to whichever country you want and can watch your favorite content without any restrictions.

3. High Speed

If you are using a good quality VPN then you can also enjoy high-speed internet streaming. This is because a best VPN will consist of large number of servers which helps in increasing the speed of the internet.

4.Low Cost

 A VPN doesn't cost too much to afford. Its price is quite reasonable no matter which VPN you're buying. But the services offered by a best VPN differs in accordance to its price.

5 Best VPN for Nvidia Shield

If you want a VPN but don't know which will be best for you then don't worry I will suggest some of the Best VPNs available in the market which will cater all your needs.

But I want to warn you that you should not use free VPNs since it is not safe to use. Because it steals your data and sometimes does more harm than benefiting us. 

Also, you are going to use your shield TV for video streaming which requires high-speed internet. But a free VPN have few servers so it can't provide you high internet speed. You will have to face buffering while streaming or will have to compromise with low picture quality.

So I strictly recommend you a paid VPN. Here are the 5 Best VPN for Nvidia Shield for you.

1. Express VPN

VPN for Nvidia Shield

For shield TV users, this is the best option as it provides the highest internet speed of all the VPNs. The reason is that it has a large number of servers all over the world. Having more than 3000 servers across the globe, it is faster than other VPNs.

Its encryption technology will keep you safe from hackers and no-log policy will give you complete anonymity. With its servers spread across all parts of the globe you can access the Geo-restricted content very easily and can watch blocked sports events too.

It supports 5 connections simultaneously which means that after paying the premium you can use its benefits in your 5 devices. It also comes with 24×7 customer support which provides help to the users if any problem arises with the VPN.

So this VPN is the best choice for high-speed media streaming and gaming on shield tv. But it's price is relatively higher than the other VPNs which makes it unaffordable for many people.

But if you can afford this VPN then you should buy this without any hesitation as it offers so many best features.

2. NordVPN

VPN for Nvidia Shield

If ExpressVPN doesn't lie in your budget then don't worry NordVPN is here to help you. NordVPN is the best mixture of price and features. It comes at a very reasonable price if you buy it for the long term. 

And this is the primary reason behind the popularity of this VPN among the masses. It has more than 5600 servers across the globe serving people of different nations.

NordVPN also offers many advanced features like double VPN and P2P server. It's end to end data encryption and no-log policy keeps your data safe and secure. It also has 24×7 customer support to solve your miseries.

This VPN also has servers at different locations which will help you to access Geo-restricted content without any problem. The best thing is that it's VPN app is also available on play store. So, you can simply install it from the play store without any hardship.

But the only problem with this VPN is that its speed is bit slow when compared to the previous VPN which makes it a second option for many people.

3. Surfshark

VPN for Nvidia Shield

This VPN comes with more than 1000 servers spread across 60 countries in the world which makes it a good option to be listed in our best 5. Its price is reasonable and it has no maximum connection limit which means you can enjoy its facilities site all the devices of your family.

Internet speed of this VPN is not as fast as above two but enough to stream videos in HD which makes it perfect for Shield TV users. It's encryption and no-log policy are as best as the previous costly VPNs.

Its app is also available on play store which makes it easy to use on your Shield TV. It also has 24×7 customer support to solve your problems. So it is also a good option to go for.

4. CyberGhost

VPN for Nvidia Shield

Cyberghost is a VPN service provider which has more than 3900 servers across 61 locations. It is one of the fastest VPNs and best known for streaming quality videos through its VPN application.

You can use 7 devices simultaneously which means you can keep your whole family safe through it. It can easily unblock web streaming devices like Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, Netflix,Hulu, and more.

It has a stealth VPN protection feature and zero WebRTC, DNS, and IP leaks which helps in giving maximum security to your device.

It gives you 45-days money back guarantee so if you are not happy with the service you can easily get the refund. Overall with amazing features this is also one of the best VPN for Nvidia Shield TV.

5. PureVPN

VPN for Nvidia Shield

PureVPN is a Hongkong based VPN service providing company. It has more than 2000 servers in 154 different locations.

Its encryption technology is one of the most secure technologies and it also strictly follows a no-log policy which means they don't keep any record of your search history.

PureVPN has a big list of security features for its Nvidia shield Tv, they are Split Tunneling, DDoS Protection, NAT Firewall, Port Forwarding, Ad/Tracker blocking, IPv6 Leak Protection, Kill Switch and dedicated IPs.

Its price is very reasonable and anyone can afford to buy it. It comes with 24×7 customer support service.

However, it's speed varies at rare cases which means that it can be troublesome for you to stream videos online sometimes but overall it's a fair deal.

Nvidia Shield VPN Setup Guide

I have given the setup guide to install your VPN through different methods on your Nvidia Shield TV, but the first step is to choose the best VPN service provider of your choice from the above list. 

I have discussed 3 methods of setting up the best VPN for Nvidia Shield TV.

1. How To Install A VPN On Nvidia Shield TV Via Google Play Store?

The above listed VPN providers have their own application on Google Play Store. So you just need to install it on Nvidia Shield just like you install an app on your smartphone. Here is the step by step guide to install a VPN through Google play store

  1. 1
    Open Google Play Store on your shield by going in the Apps section of the home screen.
  2. 2
    Search for your VPN by typing the name of your VPN in the search bar.
  3. 3
    From the search results find the VPN you want to install. If there are many VPNs with the same name then you can check for the original VPN by verifying it's an icon.
  4. 4
    Now click 'install' and accept the permissions to complete the installation.
  5. 5
    After installation, open the VPN and give it all permissions it requests.
  6. 6
    Now select the server's region and click connect and you are done with the setup.

2. How To Setup A VPN On Nvidia Shield TV Via Sideloading

If the application of your VPN is not available on Google play store due to some reasons but it is accessible from the website of your VPN service provider, then you can set up your VPN by sideloading.

For this, you will need a flash drive and a computer or laptop. Let's see how to do it.

  1. 1
    First of all, open your computer and go to your VPN provider's website and download the apk of your VPN.
  2. 2
    After downloading the apk file, copy it to your flash drive and eject it.
  3. 3
    Now insert your flash drive on your shield tv.
  4. 4
    In your shield tv, go to Settings > Security and Restrictions.
  5. 5
    You need to enable installation from unknown sources and click ok when the warning appears.
  6. 6
    Then click on Google Play Store and search for ES File Explorer.
  7. 7
    Install the topmost application and accept the app permissions.
  8. 8
    Open the ES File Explorer and click on USB Drive.
  9. 9
    You will see your VPN apk file there, open it and click install.
  10. 10
    After installation Open the VPN app and select the server to which you want to connect and click on connect.

It was the easiest way to set up the VPN through sideloading. It seems to be a lengthy and hectic task but it'll be a piece of cake for you if you will follow the above steps carefully.

3. How to Setup VPN on Manual setup using OpenVPN for Android

This method can be used if the apk of your VPN doesn't exist and all you have is one option left to connect to your VPN on your Nvidia Shield TV is by using OpenVPN. This is a rare scenario but if it happens here, then follow the below steps to install it.

  1. 1
    Open Google Play Store on your shield by going in the Apps section of the home screen.
  2. 2
    Search for OpenVPN and install the topmost application. Accept the app permission to complete the installation process.
  3. 3
    Visit the website of your VPN service provider and download the OpenVPN profile and certificates. You can do this on your own Shield Tv if you have downloaded a web browser for it. Otherwise, you can install them on a computer and share to Shield Tv by flash drive.
  4. 5
    Now transfer the OpenVPN profile and certificates to a specific folder. Don't forget the path of this folder as you will need to access this folder in future.
  5. 6
    You need to open the OpenVPN app and ignore the warning of no VPN profiles defined as we will define one now.
  6. 7
    Now click on the icon which looks like a box and open the OpenVPN file browser.
  7. 8
    Then Simply search for the folder in which you stored the OpenVPN profile and choose the file.
  8. 9
    Now it will start importing profile but end with an error because there will be no certificate. You ignore this as now you are going to install the certificates too.
  9. 10
    Click on the pencil icon which is in the right of your download profile.
  10. 11
    Then in the window that opens, click on the select button and select the certificate of your VPN.
  11. 12
    You will need to enter your username and password now. You may have to enter all details but it doesn't happen in most of the cases so just skip it.
  12. 13
    Now whenever you want to connect to VPN, just open the server list tab in the OpenVPN app and select the server you have just entered.
  13. 14
    You will get connected to your VPN now after connecting to the server.

You may have performed many of these steps on your smartphone while trying to install VPN on your smartphone. You can see that the steps are the same for TV and your smartphone but the interface of your TV will not be as comfortable as your smartphone. 

So, do the steps patiently and you will definitely be successful in installing a best VPN for Nvidia Shield TV.

Nvidia Shield VPN FAQs

1. Can I use a free VPN with Nvidia Shield?

Yes, you can use a free VPN with Nvidia Shield but I will not advise you to do so because there are many shortcomings when you use a free VPN.

First of all, the speed of a free VPN is very slow and it will become impossible for you to stream HD content on Nvidia Shield Player and after having an awesome TV in your house, you will not like to watch a movie in less than 720p.

 A VPN secures your data from the hackers but if you don’t use a VPN, your device will become vulnerable to hackers as many VPN providers get access to your passwords and accounts.

Also, your internet provider will also have access to your watching history which is not preferred by many people. So you should go for a premium VPN and not for a free VPN.

2. What are the best apps for the Nvidia Shield?

Well, you have purchased it for streaming so you should have all video streaming apps like Amazon Video, Netflix, PlayStation Vue, Hulu, Kodi etc. But if you're a gamer then you should have steam-link for streaming your games online and retro-arch for playing retro games like Mario on your tv.

Of course, you should have a VPN app too other than these and also you can download any other app which you use in your smartphone in the shield tv and enjoy it

3.By using a VPN, my Nvidia Shield is getting slow?

Yes, using a VPN many times makes the Nvidia Shield slow but it happens if you use a free VPN. A free VPN has limited bandwidth and a limited number of servers so it can give you only a limited internet speed which ultimately makes your TV slow. This problem also comes with many premium VPNs which have a low number of servers.

So if you want high-speed video streaming and gaming then you should shift to the best premium VPNs. If you don't know which VPN will be best for you then you can check my list of 5 best VPN. It will clear your confusion and help you to choose a VPN.


The shield is an amazing Android TV. It is one of the best TV's in the market even in 2021. The company is constantly updating its technology to serve people with the best and its customers are also experiencing it.

But this experience can be enhanced by using a VPN for watching the content of other regions too. And the sole purpose of this article is to enhance the quality of experience of shield users by giving them a complete guide about the use of VPN in Nvidia Shield TV. Also, using a VPN is not illegal.

So now it is your turn to choose the best VPN for Nvidia TV from the list given above.

This article was all about the Nvidia Shield TV and the use of best VPN in it. If you liked the article then please share it with your friends who have shield TV.

Also comment which one is your favorite VPN from the above list 🙂

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