IPVanish VPN Review – Detailed A to Z walkthrough + Special Deal

Detailed IPVanish VPN Review

Everyone is now concerned about their privacy over the internet, and many things have induced users to buy one of the best VPN service providers. Free VPNs are also getting less popular as it has been revealed that they log user data and sell it to the companies who bid the highest, which kills the primary reason for using a VPN. 

Many people think that it might be illegal to use a VPN server to access restricted content. This is not true, VPNs are legal and there is no dark side to it unless the user is planning to hack something or plan an attack. 


Below is a detailed IPVanish VPN Review and it is one of the best VPN. Its service has been improving and has been offering great services to so many internet users around the world. We have tried to explain almost all the possible things below. This an honest IPVanish VPN Review, and there is nothing that has been written just to support the provider.

Talking about VPN services, it is important for the users to read some reviews before they decide about buying a VPN. Every VPN has its own set of benefits and features. Some have great speed, some have great security features, some work well with streaming services. 

Don't go for the cheap ones, there is always some problem with their servers. They always have some servers that create a lot of problems, they are not even able to work with streaming giants such as Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime and Netflix have security features that have identified some VPN servers, and hence they don't allow users whom they identify using VPN servers. Top VPN servers can although go past these barriers and provide users seamless experience while removing the geo-restrictions as well.

So in this article, you will find a detailed IPVanish VPN review which will help you learn why IPVanish VPN is one of the best VPNs in the market.

IPVanish VPN Review

IPVanish VPN Review

IPVanish VPN


IPVanish VPN Review
IPVanish VPN Review


IPVanish VPN Review
IPVanish VPN Review
IPVanish VPN Review
IPVanish VPN Review
IPVanish VPN Review

Kill Switch


Zero Log Policy



OpenVPN, IKEv2, L2TP


256-bit AES

Split Tunneling


Simultaneous Connections








Download Speed

36 Mbps

Video Streaming


Money Back Guarantee

30 Days

About IPVanish

IPVanish VPN is one of the Top 5 VPN services in the world. With numerous servers at all the prominent places around the world, they have gained quite a reputation. They have many benefits, and yes, they have some disadvantages also.

No VPN service provider is perfect. IPVanish is dedicated to providing its customers with the best in industry security and performance measures. They are one of the few VPN services that offer high speed through their servers that allow the users to get a seamless experience. 

One account can be used on ten devices simultaneously, and that is one of the most significant features that are not present with most of the top service providers in the industry. This is also one of the best options that VPN users can choose.

This can keep all their online activity safe while providing benefits that make the users carefree about what they do on the internet. There are so many agencies that are trying to get the user's data, and we must take responsibility in our own hands. 

Some websites and enterprises track down the IP address of users and take all the information present. IPVanish VPN prevents this by masking and replacing the original IP address of the user's device with another IP address. They keep changing it too, so the agencies cannot track down to reach the users. 

They use many other security measures to keep their VPN users safe from any data theft on the internet. If you read about IPVanish on the internet, you will find that they are one of the best in the industry, they are there in almost all top VPN lists, and all this is because of their services. They have worked on their services and made them better with time. Let's have a look at different aspects of this IPVanish VPN.

Features Of IPVanish

ipvanish vpn review

Coming to the important part of the IPVanish VPN review, we are going to see about the features this VPN offers. IPVanish VPN has so many features that make it worthy of all the attention and success that it is getting. It does all the necessary things from hiding the IP address to saving the data that users enter on various websites. This VPN don't keep records of their users' activity, ensuring that they are dedicated to providing the highest security to their users. 

IPVanish also provide their users access to torrent sites, and this is something that most of the users want from VPNs. Most of the countries have banned torrenting because of an increase in piracy because of this. It can also overcome all the problems like throttling, restricted content access, and more. 

This removes the Geo-restrictions from most of the streaming websites like Netflix and Amazon Prime. It has already been mentioned that they allow their users to establish ten server connections form the same account simultaneously.

This will enable them to connect ten of their devices. They can also secure the devices of their family members. Although it is not as cheap as other VPN services, this feature makes it affordable. There are not many VPNs that give users full access while downloading and accessing BitTorrent. 

This is the reason why most of the people who need VPN for torrenting prefer IPVanish. ExpressVPN is also a great option, but it is way too expensive, and hence most of the users can't afford it. IPVanish has also stayed strong and gained a place for itself. 

IPVanish servers are present in almost all the prominent locations in the world, so the VPN users need not worry about how they will watch the content that is restricted in the US, UK or any other country.

They got it for you, the best part is, they maintain transparency in all the things, the users can know which server they are connecting to, the actual speed and other things. This is an essential factor, and it has helped them a lot to build trust with their users. So it is worth subscribing to this VPN. You can do it by just clicking the below given button.

Benefits Of Using IPVanish VPN

Fast speed:

The speed provided by the servers is good enough to let the users stream in HD quality. There is a very small drop in latency, and that does not affect the speed much. 

Decent working application:

The applications for all the operating systems are well developed and have a good user interface. It is easy to install the IPVanish VPN and use the application and connect to the servers that the users want.

No traffic logs:

IPVanish do not log any activity that the users do after they connect with one of their servers. This ensures the users that their data will not be sold or given on rent to some other agencies for their benefit.

The option of torrenting:

IPVanish offers the option of torrenting. Unlike other providers, it does not restrict using Torrent services freely and privately. It is a major feature that attracts users a lot. 

Some servers unblock Netflix:

There are some servers in IPVanish that help in unblocking Netflix. It helps in connecting to different country servers and stream whatever the user wants. Not every server works, but there are some selective servers present that much help in bypassing detection.

TOR Compatibility:

TOR or The Orion Network can be explained as a network mainly used in encrypting and relaying traffic information across several servers on the dark web. It ensures that the real-time location of the user is difficult or impossible to read or track.

Those people who need serious security measures to fight against government surveillance or censorship laws can use the dark web using IPVanish’s onion network. The TOR browser helps in creating a second layer of security with an existing VPN to maximize privacy about the location as well as the identity of the user. 

For people living in countries where VPN is completely blocked, such as China or North Korea, IPVanish provides an added layer of security to the users who live in these countries. 

No IP leaks or Malware: 

IPVanish VPN, when being tested with multiple DNS and IP leak tests, the testers found it extremely strong against IP leaks and Malware. In various prominent testing websites, IPVanish VPN remained clean and resistant to all harmful elements on the web. These are some of the best features of using a IPVanish VPN. Also check out the IPVanish discount available now and hit a jackpot.

IPVanish VPN review

IPVanish VPN Servers And Their Locations

Although the number of servers IPVanish has is lower than in other top VPN companies, they still have stayed strong. The reason is the quality of their server, their speed, and the stability of the network. They have servers in more than 51 countries, and that is a great thing. 

The locations are all famous places. These servers are spread worldwide, and that is why they are in the top tier despite the numbers being less. 

The diversity in the location ensures that no matter where the users have availed their services live, they will find a server that is not too far away from them and provides a fast connection.

IPVanish have provided services in two countries, namely South America and Africa, that have been ignored by most of the VPN companies.These countries have a few servers. Many people around these countries faced some problems, as all other servers were far away from them.

There was one more problem that users around the world were not able to watch the geo-restricted content from these countries. IPVanish again came for the rescue. There are many more features that are used to ensure the privacy and data security of the users. 

Talking about the current time, IPVanish  have more than 1300 servers in almost all the world's important regions. These high-speed servers allow users to remove geo-restrictions and unblock websites and provide a seamless experience to the users. 

Even though the name is a virtual private network, it still needs some hardware in different regions. The number is less, but the service they provide makes up for it. They are also increasing them with time. They make sure that there are no users who have to stay without a high-speed server. 

How Can You Improve Privacy Of Data And Internet Activity With IPVanish VPN

Improving the privacy of data and the activities that we do over the internet is the most crucial reason why we need to use a VPN. IPVanish VPN has features that fulfill this demand. It masks and changes the IP at regular intervals, and it also hides the DNS address so that there is no other way to track the device and reach the actual IP.

They also imply encryption over the connection so no one can see what is happening over the internet from your device. If you are accessing the website that is blocked in your region, it will not be visible to the ISP. This way, the connection becomes secure even if you are connected to a public or hotel Wi-Fi.

Connecting to Wi-Fi that is not your own might be risky without a VPN, there are ways in which the admin of the network can know all about the device, and sometimes even the information in it. Sounds risky, right?

Don't worry, using a VPN like IPVanish will help. It will be better to use IPVanish VPN because it has been in the market for long, and there are no reports of it leaking the data or its users' IP address. This makes it a safe option for users.

ipvanish vpn review

Unblocking Streaming Services By Removing Geo-Restrictions

This is a feature that is demanded by people who believe that there should be no restriction on content uploaded on the internet. There are some broadcasting houses or entertainment firms that have imposed geographical restrictions over content that they own. 

The content is only available to the citizens living in a specific region, mostly the same region in which they are. This is something that creates a feeling of discrimination. There are many shows on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and other streaming services that are only available for people in specific regions like the USA and UK. 

IP Vanish is capable of removing the geo-restrictions from almost all the streaming platforms. The process of doing this is also very easy. The users need to select the server of the country where they want to remove the geo-restriction. For example, if users want to watch some show that is only available in Netflix USA, they need to select a server that is situated in the USA. 

This will allow them to access all the content without any speed or performance issues. It can also remove the geo-restrictions from certain websites, torrents, and YouTube, the most significant free streaming service.

Is IPVanish VPN Fast Enough?

This is an important feature which users must consider while deciding if the VPN that they are choosing is good enough or not. Fortunately, there is not much effect on the standard download and upload speed. That is the thing that makes the overall speed of the network.

When using a VPN, there is an effect on the download and upload speed, though this is not the fastest VPN, it is still better than most available in the market. They have some specific servers, though, that is really fast. 

Most of the server provides decent speed to users, and there have not been many complaints about speed issues. They have servers that allow users to stream videos and surf the internet in high quality without any lags. 

Even if the speed is not the best, it still supports all other features provided by the VPN, and hence it is one of the best in the industry. The experts always say that it is a service provided by the VPN company and the trust their users have on them that should be given priority while selecting one. 

Accordingly, with a decent speed, this is still one of the VPN providers that users can choose without much hesitation. If you want to stream videos without buffering, then sign up for IPVanish VPN by clicking the below given button.

How Safe Is It To Use IPVanish?

IPVanish VPN is one of the safest VPNs to use. This has a no-log policy that means they don't log any activity of their users on the internet. They also make sure that the IP address and the DNS address of the users are safe and are not leaked. It is trying to keep the data and the activity of users safe. 

This VPN has an ad blocker, and also saves users from Malware on the internet. This means that it also saves users from harmful viruses that can either steak or corrupt the information on the user's device. 

This is also one of the few VPN servers that are not blacklisted by streaming and other web services because they have kept their servers safe from their eyes.


This is one of the most affordable VPN options. Though it cannot be called cheap, the services it offers are value for the money. The monthly plan starts at $5 per month, and on renewal, users have to $12, this is an exponential rise. 

If users decide to go for the quarterly plan, they will have to pay $4.50 for the first time they opt for the plan, and on every renewal, they will have to pay$9 per month.

Moving on to the annual plan, users have to pay $3.25 per month for the first time. Every time the user renews the same plan, they will have to pay $6.50 per month.

The plans are not cheap, but they are still affordable. The users also get a 7-day trial period in which they can decide if they want it and if yes, then what type of plan. The annual plan is the most affordable and then quarterly. There is also best IPVanish discounts are there for you on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

Monthly plans are affordable for the first month, and then with every renewal, users have to pay too much. The most significant benefit is that while the user takes any plan, they can use one account on ten different devices simultaneously.

The trial period is also minimal as compared to other VPN companies. Some companies offer a month's trial period to their users. Rather than the trial period, other things are manageable in IPVanish VPN. Now check out IPVanish discount and grab the best IPVanish deals.

Additional Security Measures

DNS Leak Prevention

When a request gets routed to the ISP, even when the device is connected with a VPN, then actual IP is revealed. This will make all the other security measures by the VPN go in vain.

Fortunately, with IPVanish VPN, users can ensure that their DNS will not be leaked, and hence they will always be safe from the attackers and the ISP. No one will be able to see their activity.

Automatic Kill Switch

Kill switches save your connection when accidentally the real IP of your device gets exposed. The connection is automatically terminated, and no one can view the original IP address. This is getting mandatory for all the VPN companies.

But, this feature is only available in the macOS and Windows versions of this. Android users are not provided with this service, and that isn't very pleasant.

Customer Service

According to their advertisements, they provide 24/7/365 days of customer support. The reality is not as good as it looks on the paper. They still don't have any live chat features, and users have to raise a ticket to get support from them.

The response time is 1-2 business days, and that is not at all fast. This is the point in which they are lagging behind many VPN companies. 

After reading our IPVanish VPN review, if you want to try IPVanish, then click the below given button. 

Final Verdict

This was all about IPVanish VPN review. As mentioned earlier IPVanish VPN is one of the best VPN companies in the world, and they have good experience of what people want, and how they can provide it.

If we leave the customer support and some issues related to the speed, this one is a good choice. This is particularly good for the people who wish to access torrent sites. As it doesn't restrict users from doing anything over BitTorrent. 

This is an affordable option that has great features. Also, you can also grab the best IPVanish discount here. This is a good choice knowing that they are improving their services, and if they improve their customer services and the number of servers, they will be great. So I hope that the detailed IPVanish VPN review has given you a great insight 

Have you ever tried IPVanish VPN? If yes, then share your thoughts about this VPN in the comment section. Cheers!!!

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