How To Watch Disney Plus from any Country using VPN

If you are wondering How To Watch Disney Plus from your region, then you are in the right place because this article deals which this question. Let's start.

It has not been long since Disney released its own streaming platform Disney Plus. In some countries, they have been streaming on their own and in others, they have integrated with different applications that are popular in those regions.


Like in India they have partnered with Hotstar that is one of the top 5 streaming applications in the region. They have released almost all their titles as of now and now are waiting for the time when they will be able to release the most awaited shows of the year.

Since Marvel and Disney joined their hands to telecast the world the new superhero shows, the world is excited like never before. If the pandemic was not here we would have seen one of the shows in the next 2 months.

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier was planned to get out to the public somewhere near August. The makers are trying to do their best to give the public what they are waiting for as soon as possible.

So, in this article we shall look in detail on how to watch Disney plus. I hope you will find the answer for what you are looking for.

How To Watch Disney Plus

Now when the world is opening up once again and lives are getting back normal, there are chances that we will be able to see the show soon. This article is not about what you can see on Disney, but it is about the limitations. The things that people will not be able to watch if they are not in a certain region.

There are some restrictions on the content that is shown on the internet on various streaming sites. These restrictions are not at all good for the viewers and it feels like there is some sort of discrimination. Also, there are some threats over the internet, there are people who can check the viewing history of your Disney plus or any other streaming app.

This can also be done by the ISP or a hacker who has kept an eye on your device for long. There is an easy way and that is known as IP logging. These are some problems that have to be solved by users.

Governments and GDPR regulations might be there, but there are still many threats over the internet. This is something that people need to do it on their own. The ways to solve these problems and access whatever the users want over the internet are given below. 

Problems Users Face When They Watch Disney Plus

How To Watch Disney Plus

The biggest reason why people need a VPN is that Disney plus has only launched its services only in 13 countries. There are a lot of fans who are really unfortunate that they are not from those 13 countries. Does that mean that they can’t watch the content the Disney Plus has provided in these 13 countries?

Do they need to wait until they get access to the app? These are the questions that would have came in the minds of all the people who would have heard this news.

Disney is one of the biggest production houses and after their integration, with Marvel, they have become even bigger. They have made movies and shows for kids, teenagers and now they are making great movies for adults as well.

After all this, after making so many fands, releasing services in just 13 countries looks unfair. But fans still love them. We care about the fans and hence this article will let them know what they can do to access Disney plus in the countries other than those 13 countries.

Why Use A VPN For Disney Plus?

The best way to watch Disney plus is by using a VPN. A VPN can easily solve this problem and allow people to watch the app from any place in the world. There are many VPNs from which users can choose from. Users who use Disney Plus might have to face problems like geo-restriction of the content and throttling.

There might also be some areas where the government might not allow the users to use it and then that will be great discrimination. Another problem that users can face is the reduction of streaming speed and the quality of the video that they can see.

There are a lot of servers where users cannot stream their favorite shows and movies in the quality that they want. This is something that is again not acceptable.

A lot of time throttling is done by the streaming company themselves. This is something that can be solved, the best way to overcome both these problems that are almost threats to the user experience is VPN.

A VPN can not only protect the identity of a user over the internet, but it can also provide them with the power to access what they want. They can also connect to the server that allows them to stream at the highest quality without any throttling issues.

ExpressVPN is one of the best VPNs that Disney Plus users can choose. Other VPNs also have great speed and security measures for their customers. But I would personally recommend ExpressVPN for the excellent features it offers.

How To Use A VPN With Disney Plus?

VPN may sound complex, but it offers straight-forward method when it comes to setting it up. Some steps for using a VPN with Disney Plus are as follows:

How To Watch Disney Plus
  • Choose a best VPN providers as per your convenience. Followed by that choose a suitable subscription plan and submit with relevant payment mode.
  • Download the app compatible for your device from the website of the VPN service provider or appropriate app store.
  • Install the application, run it and enter the required credentials for login.
  • Select a server in one of the regions as the Disney plus catalog you want to unblock and stream content. There are libraries available for each specific region.
  • Create an account on Disney plus if not already done. It is important to match the form of payments with the selected region.
  • Log in to Disney plus and it will be possible to stream content as normal.

There are the cases with some VPNs where any server in a particular region can operate smoothly. While on the other hand, there are cases where only selective servers are able to unblock restrictions from Disney plus. It is recommended to contact the customer support to find out which one will be best suited for any individual

Benefits Of Using VPN with Disney Plus

There are a lot of benefits of using a VPN with the Disney Plus application. Below are the benefits that a user who will access Disney Plus with the help of a VPN will get:

How To Watch Disney Plus

1. VPNs Allow Users Anywhere To Access Disney Plus

Disney Plus has launched its services in only 13 regions in the world. This means that people who are not living in these 13 regions will not be able to access the content that Disney plus is providing. That is a kind of discrimination with them. VPN can save them from this discrimination as it allows the users to connect to the server in different locations.

There are many top VPNs that provide access to servers in the regions where Disney Plus is offering its services. That means that the users can connect to a server in the regions where it is available, sign up for it, and then, they can enjoy the shows and movies available on it.

This is the biggest benefit that people will get when they will use Disney Plus with VPN. There are a lot of Disney fans who stay out of the 13 regions where it is offering content. This is why all of them should have something through which they could watch their favorite Disney shows and movies.

2. Enhanced Security & Privacy

This is the main reason why a person pays for a VPN. Geo-restrictions can also be removed by some of the free VPNs, but privacy and enhanced security are something that they lack.

Top VPNs provide great security for their users. There are a lot of online activity loggers online and we can not even track them. People collect and sell private data to organizations so they can improve their marketing strategies with the private information of the users.

This is an invasion of privacy. VPNs can keep all the data and internet activity private and save the users from online attacks and even the government and the ISP trying to look into their private data. There are a lot of measures that they take to keep everything private. They use military-grade encryption techniques so that no online attack in any way can access anything that gets transferred from their servers.

Also, none of the top VPN companies keeps logs of users’ activity after they connect to them. This means that even they will not look into what the users are doing after connecting to their servers. This is something that adds up to the security level.

3. Removal Of Geo-Restrictions

This is something that is the most important benefit for the people who want to use a VPN with Disney Plus. There are geo-restrictions on content on various regions and that means all regions are not getting the same set of shows and movies. 

This can be overcomed if the users access all the regions through a VPN. A user can easily remove the Geo-restrictions that are in a specific region, the process is explained in detail in the article. This is one benefit that users who use many streaming services will get. People who want to stream without limits should always buy a top VPN especially the one that provides great speed and can remove the problem of throttling.

4. No Throttling

Throttling is when the users get less streaming speed and the quality of the video that they can watch decreases. These are tricks that are played by streaming companies and even by the network providers.

This thing ruins the streaming experience and this can be easily removed when the user switches to another server from the network server. They can enjoy their favorite shows and movies in the highest quality without any buffering.

If you are on a budget, then try using Surfshark VPN which offers good features at affordable price. 

How To Access Geo-Restricted Content On Disney Plus With VPN?

There are some broadcasting restrictions in Disney+ due to which it is available only in some specific parts of the world. This means that if a user makes an account, they won’t be able to access the services from anywhere. This creates a lot of problems for users who travel to different countries for personal or professional purposes.

This problem can be solved using a premium VPN service. A VPN service unblocks all the geo-restricted content that makes the user able to avail content of Disney plus in a hassle-free manner from anywhere in the world with the help of their servers.

How To Watch Disney Plus

Additionally, there is also an option of availing Disney plus with VPN services, even if the user does not have an account. They need to sign up from outside a served region.

There is a button named ‘Keep me updated’ button. After this button is clicked, a prompt will ask for your email address, but it does not enable the user to sign up for the service. This may happen due to geo-restrictions, internet bandwidth, or other issues.

The best solution to overcome these issues is to connect to a VPN. If the user connects to a server in a region where Disney plus is available, the user can sign up. Also, even if the payment method is associated with the original location or region of the user, he/she will be able to overcome that restriction through the services of a VPN.

Another significant geographical restriction by Disney plus is that though the user is from the region where this streaming service operates, they will not be able to stream the content from every location. There are specific broadcasting laws and restrictions issued by governments of various countries due to which the content library is also different.

The user can access through their desired title using a VPN. They must be careful while choosing the server so that more and more content can be streamed.

Deciding The Best VPN For Disney Plus

Deciding the best VPN for Disney Plus is not that hard. The main thing for which people want it is to remove the geo-restrictions.

Because it is only available in 13 regions, people need to find out the VPN that has servers in all the 13 regions to remove geo-restrictions of all the regions. Another thing that they need to look for is the speed that it provides. For streaming, users must select a VPN that provides good speed so that they can enjoy the shows seamlessly. 

There are a lot of top VPNs that can provide great speeds. The last but one of the most important factors that people need to pay attention is their budget and the price at which the VPN comes.


1. Can You Connect A Free VPN With Disney Plus?

Yes, it is possible to connect a free VPN with Disney Plus, but it is not at all advisable. Free VPNs often get blocked by prominent streaming services.

The reason behind this is that they have more users than the total number of networks they can support. Additionally, speed and performance also decrease.

The free VPN users tend to experience laggy playback, stuttering and poor watching experience. Free VPNs come with their own set of security risks. They contain malware and thus more troubling. They do not encrypt users’ traffic that makes the data prone to hackers.

Even if they claim to do, there is no assurance of the safety and security of the data. Personal data becomes more open to stealing, selling and buying and other malpractices. Thus it is always recommended to use a reputable VPN service.

2. In Which Regions Disney Plus Is Available?

Disney Plus is available in the following 13 regions and in other regions, they have either integrated with some other streaming service or are not available at all:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Switzerland
  • Spain
  • Puerto Rico
  • New Zealand
  • Netherlands
  • Italy
  • Ireland
  • Germany
  • Canada
  • Austria
  • Australia

3. What Is Throttling?

Throttling is the problem that users experience when they are streaming a show or movie and the quality is reduced. The speed and the quality of the content are often reduced by the ISPs for their own selfish reasons. This problem can be solved by using a VPN.


Disney Plus is already very popular and in just some more months it will break records. There is not much time left when they will come with a bang with Marvel shows and attract Marvel and Disney fans from all around the world.

This is something that will help them establish themselves in the best way. They might have joined this market a bit after most of the streaming services, but looking at their plan and the content that they are going to offer, it is not looking too tough for them.

Looks like they will easily capture the market is not too much time. But, the viewers are not happy when they get to know that there are geo-restrictions and the services are available only in limited regions.

All the problems can be solved by using a VPN and then, accessing Disney Plus is very easy, the users just need to choose a VPN of their choice and then, they need to install it on the device where they want to use Disney plus. Connect to any one of the servers where Disney Plus is offering its services and enjoy their services. VPN gives users great power over the internet.

So is is all about how to watch Disney Plus. I hope that you found this article useful. Kindly share your thoughts about this article in the comment section. Cheers!!

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