How To Watch Hotstar in USA with VPN – Full HD Streaming

Hotstar is a streaming application that is owned by a company named Novi Digital. This is the online streaming platform of the Star TV channel network. They are in the list of top 5 best streaming services in India with great content.

People can watch amazing shows, movies and also the series from all the star channels in India. There are some great international shows, and the best I can name is Game Of Thrones. The platform also streams a lot of sports leagues LIVE and especially the highly popular domestic cricket league in India, IPL. There are many reasons why the application is popular in India, and that is why people in the USA want to use it.

They are affordable, and the content they offer is of high quality. They have an application and a website, and both of them have an excellent user interface.


There is something that people outside India cannot do, and they cannot watch anything available for free. For context, there is a lot of free content that people can watch even if they have not subscribed to any of their membership plans. This is geo-restricted for the people who are living outside India. Also, other people cannot watch any of the Indian TV shows if they are not in India. These are the things that restrict users from a lot of content that is available.

Hotstar has a big library of shows and movies, and only Indian people have full access to it. To use the application outside India with full benefits, users have to do something else. What can they do? 

Read the full article to know how to access all the content available on Hotstar in the USA and any other country in the world.

This article also tells people how they can sign up for an Indian account while they are in the USA and enjoy better benefits like lower subscription prices and better access to content.

How To Watch Hotstar In USA

Problems While Watching Hotstar Outside India?

How To Watch Hotstar In USA

The main problems that people outside India will get when they try to watch Hotstar out of India are mentioned below:

1. Geo-restriction On Free Content 

The users in the USA and any other region outside India do not get any free content. This is because Hotstar has geo-restriction on all the free content for everyone outside the Indian region.

They have given this especially for their Indian users, and hence no one outside the region can access the content from the USA or any other country.

2.Unavailability Of Some Live Channels

There are live channels in India that people in the USA cannot watch. That means they are missing out on a lot of shows and cricket matches that stream in India. There are a lot of people from India who are living in the USA and want to watch live shows and sports that are streamed in India. 

3. Higher Prices

Prices for the people living outside India are higher than what it is here in India. This is something that provides extra revenue to the developers of the application. These people have to pay for more to access the content on the app, and they still don’t get everything.

4.Unavailability Of Indian TV Shows

People in the USA cannot see all the shows that are available in India. These Indian TV shows are only available in the Indian subcontinent.

This is something that makes native Indian people who are staying in the USA feel discriminated against. This might be a marketing or international streaming policy of Hotstar, but people do want to access their favorite Indian TV shows. These are some of the main problems that people who want to watch Hotstar in the USA might face. All these problems can be solved, and the best way to do is to connect to a VPN and then try to stream.

A VPN can provide many benefits to the people who want to watch Hotstar in the USA or any other country other than India.

Using Hotstar In USA With A VPN

A VPN is like a magic wand, the people who know the tricks will understand why I am saying that. There is nothing on the Internet that people cannot access with VPN.

VPN or Virtual Private Network allows people to do things that might be banned, restricted, or limited. There are threats on the Internet too, and it can save people and their devices from all those threats. There are so many VPN present in the market. Some of the best VPNs available are ExpressVPN, SurfsharkVPN, etc.

Talking about how a person can use a VPN with Hotstar, it is effortless and requires very little technical knowledge and decent reading and understanding skills. People can easily set up a VPN and start accessing everything they want on Hotstar while they are in America. The only thing that they need to remember is that they only have to connect to the VPN server in India. India is the place where Hotstar has the most extensive content library.

There are a lot of other reasons than accessing all the content that is restricted for the users. The main reason why a person should use a VPN is to protect their privacy. The Internet is not as safe as it was before, maybe it never was. But right now, there are a lot of attacks on the private information of users.

VPNs provide personal security measures that make them anonymous on the Internet. This is done by masking the IP and using high-level encryption techniques. A person can also do torrenting with the help of a VPN. Problems related to streaming and torrenting can be resolved quickly with a VPN. There are servers all around the world, and because of that, people can remove geo-restrictions from all the regions.

It’s advised that people choose one of the top VPNs and not the free ones. 

Benefits Of Using A VPN With Hotstar In USA

Hotstar has an extreme geographical blockage system within the boundaries of Canada, India, the UK, and the USA. This means, if any individual is not from the above-specified regions, they will not be able to stream and use Hotstar outside India.

There are other streaming platforms too, where problems like these arise. However, this issue can be resolved, and Hotstar can be accessed with the help of a premium VPN service. VPN changes the local IP address with one of those country’s IP address.

How To Watch Hotstar In USA

It depends on the individual that which version of Hotstar they want to stream. A Hotstar VPN helps in spoofing the location and tricking the service that the user is residing in. The next step is to change the site to that server’s location where service is available. Indian Hotstar has several benefits to offer.

It is the only version of Hotstar that provides a free subscription. It is loaded with shows and movies and has the most extensive content library as compared to other variants such as the UK, USA, and Canada.

Through VPN only, the Indian version of Hotstar can be streamed and watched from any corner of the world. I suggest Surfshark for unblocking Hotstar. This VPN has excellent features and also a reliable one. 

How To Watch Hotstar in USA?

A user can follow the below steps to start watching all the content that they want on Hotstar in USA:

  • Choose a VPN that you think will be best suitable according to your requirements.
  • Download the VPN application on the device where you will be accessing Hotstar.
  • Open the VPN application and log in with your ID and password.
  • Go to the lists of servers and choose the server of India.
  • Open Hotstar and enjoy all the content available for free that is available on Hotstar India.

After downloading the application and the signing up process is done. The first step is connecting with a VPN server in India. To access Hotstar India, your IP location should be shown in India. After connecting with a server in India, the person needs to either open their application or their browser from which they want to access Hotstar. The best option will be a website accessed from a desktop.

Now, after the websites open, the users need to click on sign up to create a new account with Hotstar India. They need to have an email ID that they can register with Hotstar. After this, users need to choose the plan that they want to select.

Choose Your Hotstar Plan

There are two options one is Hotstar VIP, and the other is Hotstar Premium. With Hotstar VIP, people get access to a lot of content that comes under the VIP subscription category. In this category, Hollywood movies are only available in Hindi.

The second type of subscription is Premium, in which users get unlimited access to all the content on the platform. The prices of both plans have a great difference between them. Hotstar VIP comes at INR 400, and Hotstar VIP comes at INR 1499 per year.

Hotstar Premium can also be bought for one month, and the price of that plan is INR 300. People who want to use it for a longer duration should go for a yearly premium plan, as more movies and shows are available for premium users.

After they choose the plan, they need to go to the payment section and pay for their plan. This is the place where most people get stuck. The reason why most of the people cannot go past this is that Hotstar only accepts credit cards and debit cards that are issued in India.

Because of the reason mentioned previously, the users cannot use their USA debit/credit cards. This is where they will need a friend or family member who stays in India to make a payment through their debit/credit card.

When the payment is done, the users are all set to use the Hotstar India account without any restrictions on content. They can watch Indian shows and stream live cricket matches and Bollywood movies as much as they want.

Get Free Access To Disney Plus With Hotstar

Hotstar is a subscription-based service. But some of the content of this streaming service is free. The free content is available only in India. But anyone can watch them outside India using a VPN. All the user needs is to switch their local IP with Indian IP via VPN only. Hotstar is highly beneficial when it comes to the Indian version because this method can help the user is saving a lot of money on the Premium subscription of Hotstar.

Along with all the premium movies and shows of the Indian version, it also offers a free subscription to Disney plus, which doubles the benefits of this streaming service using a VPN. There are plenty of Disney movies and shows available that can be streamed along with other content of Hotstar. This facility is only available in the Indian version.

One can stream popular shows like Bad Education, The Art of Racing In the Rain, Gifted, and others. All Disney movies are also available in the content library in India.

How To Find The Best VPN For Hotstar?

The best VPN for Hotstar will have high speed and has a high-quality server in India. It is important because Indian servers are the ones that a person will need if they want to access all the geo-restricted content on the platform.

There are no other options; no other region’s server will provide the users with this. It is also necessary that it allows for an excellent streaming performance so that users can have a seamless streaming experience.

There are other factors like the security measures taken by the VPN providers, and they are important so that users can stay safe. Many VPN servers can get be blocked by Hotstar if they do not use proper security measures. Budget is also one of the factors that people should look at before deciding which VPN is best for them. Many top VPNs can provide great features for users who want to access Hotstar in US.

ExpressVPN is one of the finest is an excellent example of an Idea VPN. The only thing that makes people consider other options is its price, it is a bit expensive. The price might be high, but the performance it provides is still unbeatable. click the button to subscribe to ExpressVPN.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can People In the US download the Hotstar app?

Yes, people in the US can download the Hotstar app either from google play store or Apple store. The only thing that they need to understand is that they will not get full benefits until they are not using a VPN with it on their device.

The content on the application is restricted, and only when the users are connected to the Indian server can they get all the things they want.

2. Can Users Watch Hotstar On Kodi And Other Media Streaming Devices In The USA?

Yes, people in the USA can watch Hotstar on Kodi. They need to download the Hotstar Kodi zip file on their device. They need to launch the Kodi application and click on the Add-ons tab. After this, they need to click on the box icon that is present there.

The users can install the app from the zip file by browsing through their system and opening the downloaded zip file. After the installation is completed, the users can easily watch the Hotstar app on their Kodi media player.

3. Will the people in the USA be able to watch live sports streaming on Hotstar?

People in the USA can watch the live sports streaming on Hotstar if they are connected to a VPN and have selected an Indian server.

Hotstar has kept a lot of things reserved for their Indian users, which is why sometimes people outside India cannot access items like these. With a VPN that has good quality Indian servers, people can enjoy Hotstar at its best.


People in the US need to know that VPNs can be their best friend if they want to access Hotstar with all its benefits. There is no other way that can be this easy and provides these many benefits. VPNs come at different prices, and it depends on the user which one they want to choose.

There are a lot of comparisons between the best VPNs available on the Internet. VPNs can remove all the restrictions on the content, the websites that a person can access, and get them cheaper deals available in other regions.

Hotstar has also done partnership with Disney Plus in India, and it offers Disney-plus content and all of its content at a very affordable price. People in the USA need to have a different Disney plus account and another account where they can watch movies and shows.

Hotstar does this for them at the same place at the same price. This is a win-win deal for the people. The only thing they need to know is that only VPNs with good Indian servers can do this. No other server will be able to provide them with these benefits. I hope that you got the answer to How to watch hotstar in USA in this article. Share your thoughts about this article in the comment section.

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