Can I Watch ESPN Online For Free using VPN

If you have this question in your mind, "Can I watch ESPN online for Free," then you are in the right place because you will find the answer in this article.

ESPN is one of the largest broadcasters of sports in the USA. There are many channels on which they stream sports happening in the USA and around the world. People in the U.S. can watch all the channels and all the sports online using the WatchESPN application, but what about people who are not in the USA.

This is something that they are missing out, and this is a significant part of sports entertainment. Many sports fans worldwide want to watch these channels and experience live-action that goes around in sports.


This makes sports frustrated around the world, but here I am with a way they can help people watch ESPN without any restrictions. The things that allow only people in the USA to stream WatchESPN are called Geo-restrictions, which means it is restricted for people outside a specific geographical region.

There is always a solution to all the problems in the world. The answer to this problem is the VPN. VPNs have so many other benefits that now users have to understand it's remarkable. Everyone who is using the internet nowadays needs a VPN.

It is not just about people who surf through public networks, but for everyone. This makes people safe over the internet and gives them the power to access everything that is restricted otherwise. So a VPN answers your question, "Can I watch ESPN online for free."

Can I Watch ESPN Online For Free

Why Can't You Access ESPN For Free Outside USA

ESPN has purchased certain broadcasting rights for streaming sports and games. These rights have the responsibility to decide on what locations the shows can be aired. Also, ESPN sells some advertising slots to the companies.

These are those advertisements that come in between the streaming of games. The slots are sold by keeping specific locations and types of audiences in mind. The main target audience of these advertisements is from the USA.

These are the reasons due to which ESPN blocks access to users who attempt to view games from any location outside the U.S. ESPN does this by identifying the location through the IP address and then restricting them to stream games from their app as well as website. So if you ask me Can I watch ESPN online for free, the answer is No, if you don't use a VPN.

Why You Need A VPN To Access ESPN

There are plenty of ways to watch ESPN. But these are only applicable if the user is within the U.S. This means if one's IP gets located from any other region, he/she will not be able to access ESPN in any case.

A VPN solves this problem with the utmost ease.The VPN allows the user to connect to any server based on the U.S. It will hide the true IP and thus, the exact location and will change to some virtual location in the U.S. where the VPN server is located.

Once the U.S. servers of VPN are connected, the IP address of the VPN will be detected to provide access to all Geo-restricted websites and apps, making it possible to stream ESPN sitting in any corner of the world. Additionally, VPN provides encryption to online traffic and multiples its users' security and privacy by leaps and bounds. Using a VPN will help in streaming ESPN more securely and anonymously

Best VPNs To Access ESPN For Free

Can I Watch ESPN Online For Free

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is the most recommended VPN provider to stream ESPN outside the U.S. There are numerous reasons why ExpressVPN is one of the most favorable VPN service providers all around the world.

It is famous for its excellent value, and reliability in services. While streaming live games on ESPN, it is mandatory to have good speed and unlimited bandwidth to prevent oneself from spoiling the spirit of the game. ExpressVPN is popular for its stable yet fast speeds.

It does not include throttle bandwidth that ensures maximum enjoyment of the user. It has a large number of server locations that make it able to watch ESPN games live while traveling internationally and in geographically restricted zones.

It takes customer privacy its foremost concern and has one of the most strict privacy policies among all other services. It comes with 30-days money-back guarantee that means if a customer faces any difficulty with ExpressVPN, he/she may cancel the subscription and get the amount back quickly.

2. NordVPN

Can I Watch ESPN Online For Free

NordVPN has set a high standard in VPN service providers due to the vast number of locations it serves with its servers. It can be very beneficial to watch ESPN live for people who tend to travel frequently.

It has a lightning-fast speed that provides negligible buffering and enhances the experience of game viewing through ESPN. It uses a double encryption method that contributes to maintaining customer security and speed at the same time.

NordVPN makes sure that none of their users misses any games or matches while traveling or residing abroad. You can watch ESPN online for free using NordVPN.

3. IPVanish

IPVanish is one of the most affordable options on the list. This VPN allows the users to stream WatchESPN without any difficulties. There are so many benefits for the users when they use it.

It provides them with proper security features like IP masking, Kills switch, and high-level encryption to save all the data that users have online or upload online. This VPN also has powerful servers around the world that allow the users to stream applications like WatchESPN by removing the geo-restrictions.

4. SurfShark

Can I Watch ESPN Online For Free

Surfshark VPN is one of the most cost-efficient VPN services available in the market, given the number of features provided by it. This makes it a suitable choice for game enthusiasts to watch ESPN outside the U.S. Users need a large number of servers to access ESPN from abroad.

Surfshark has numerous servers dotted in and around the United States that benefits all users. Additionally, SurfShark provides fast connectivity so that the users don't miss bits of any live game while being connected to ESPN.

Another amazing benefit of using SurfShark is that it provides unlimited device connections, which means one can watch with their family and friends even remotely during an ESPN game. I personally suggest you to use SurfShark if you are looking a VPN on low budget. This VPN never compromises its services for its affordability. All you need is to click on the button given below to subscribe to Surfshark.

5. PureVPN

PureVPN might be respectively new, but they are one of the strongest market players. They have been improving a lot since their launch. This Hong Kong based company has provided good speed and security features to its users.

This is one of the most affordable and suitable options for the users who want a VPN for streaming WatchESPN so they can watch the ESPN channels outside the USA.

Can I Watch ESPN Online For Free

How To Stream Watch ESPN Outside the USA For Free

This is the main part that everyone wants to read, but all other parts are equally important, and I hope that you don't miss anything.

So, how can you stream WatchESPN outside the U.S. and watch all the ESPN channels for free? It is not that hard, the user needs to have a VPN connection, and then they can follow the steps below to stream all the ESPN channels and watch live sports and sports entertainment shows just like other people in the U.S. do. 

Steps To Stream WatchESPN Outside The US

  • Users need to download the app of the VPN provider that they have chosen.
  • After downloading the application, they need to enter their login details and sign in to the app.
  • Connect to a server that is situated in the U.S. region.
  • Download the WatchESPN application.
  • Follow the instructions on the application to set it up.

This is all, and the users will be able to watch all the ESPN channels once they do these things. They just need to make sure that they are connected to the U.S. server when they open the application. Streaming WatchESPN through VPN is the best way, many people might try and suggest other ways, but there is nothing that will give users a better experience than this.

It is important to choose the best VPN according to your requirements and budget, and the VPNs mentioned above are all the best ones. The below paragraph will let the users know how they can choose the best VPN provider for them.

How To Choose The Best VPN Provider

Even though I have listed the top 5 VPNs that work great with WatchESPN, people still can have some confusion. People must know which VPN will be best for them. To select the best VPN users first need to see the amount of money that they are ready to spend on it, the budget plays a significant role.

After that, because our main motive here is to stream WatchESPN application and access all the ESPN channels, users need to find the one that has the best streaming speed and features. Watch out for the VPN that can solve the problem of throttling.

Ensure that the U.S. servers are secure, and if the company is US-based, then it will be best. These are the major factors that you need to see, especially when buying it for streaming purposes, this is not just for WatchESPN, but all of the other streaming applications like Hulu, Netflix or Prime Videos.

There are many other things to see, like the security measures taken by the VPN providers, like whether it has an automatic kill switch or a high-level encryption feature? Also, it is important to check how many servers it has and in how many countries?

This is important because this will let users choose the servers of the countries they wish to; many countries have Geo-restricted content and apps. Another factor that users need to check is if the VPN keeps logs or they have a no-log policy.

If the users choose one of the VPNs mentioned above, they can be sure that none of them keeps any log. Companies that keep logs are violating the privacy of the user and also they help you watch ESPN online for free.


1. Can I Stream WatchESPN In Europe?

It is possible to stream WatchESPN while you are in Europe or any other part of the world out of America. Users will need a VPN, and they are sorted. People in Europe cannot stream ESPN channels through the WatchESPN app if they are not in America and do not use a VPN.

They need to download the application, and they are sorted. They will be able to stream all the channels they want to watch and that too for free.

2. Is Proxy A Good Option To Access ESPN?

Proxies can allow users to access ESPN channels by providing them access to stream WatchESPN. Proxies also give users a different IP address and change their IP location to break the restrictions and hide their identity.

I don't recommend my readers to use a Proxy because even if they provide you with access, they are not as secure as VPNs, and they also cannot provide users with all the extra features offered by VPNs. In short, there are more benefits when users use a VPN, and of course, the speed is better too. Proxies have speed issues most of the time.

3. Can I Use A Free VPN To Access ESPN?

Free VPNs can be used to access ESPN channels on WatchESPN, but it is advised that people don't use them. There are many reasons for this. The main reason is that they are not safe. Many free VPN services do keep the logs of all the users who connect through their servers. 

That means that they know everything that their users do after they relate to their servers. This is a serious security breach as they get all your online activity logs. This data can be further shared for money or favors from other organizations.

There are many other problems like the servers don't respond appropriately, and there might not be a kill switch that can save the users from IP leakage. Other issues with free servers are that they don't provide the excellent speed needed for streaming in high quality.

Some many websites and apps have identified many free VPN servers, and they do not allow users to access them with it. This is why users are advised to use one of the top VPNs as they are safe; they provide the best experience, and also they have all the important features that are needed.


ESPN is one of the biggest and most popular sports networks in the USA. People in the USA can stream all the ESPN channels through WatchESPN application for free, but not the same people outside the region. It has so many sports fans all around the world that want to stream these channels and watch all the sports matches live. There are some great sports analysis shows that they want to watch too.

All these can be done by using a VPN. VPNs are saving people worldwide from online threats and giving them the power to do whatever they wish to. ExpressVPN can simply unblock any web service easily. You can also try using this VPN.

Streaming these channels outside the USA is just a game of removing geo-restrictions by connecting to the USA server. Naturally, there is no effect on the quality or the content that you get to watch. So I hope that I have faithfully answered your question "Can I watch ESPN online for free." Feel free to share your thoughts about this article. Cheers!!

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