How To Watch Netflix On Macbook and stream Geo-restricted Content

Netflix is one of the biggest streaming service providers in the world. They have a large number of users worldwide and their base is growing strong every passing year. So in this article, we shall see about how to watch Netflix on Macbook. They have always done whatever their viewers wanted, but there is something that they are still not providing and that is an application for Macbook users.

There is no official way through which a user can install and use Netflix on their Macbook. Netflix needs to do something because there are many people around the world who use Netflix through a Mac and they are not able to download things offline, because there is no dedicated application for them.


Macbooks are cool and like Netflix, there are people who are in love with them. They cannot buy a Windows machine to download a Netflix application. There are always ways for things that people really want. Here we are to tell you about something that we know and that can solve some problems of Macbook users.

There is also one problem with Netflix and that is the geo-restricted content in regions like the USA and the UK, there are some shows and movies that are available only for the people who are living in those regions. Technology has achieved so many things and now there are tricks that make almost everything possible. There are many things that are not legal, but here I will tell you about all the ways that are legal and they are now known by people generally.

In this article, we'll discuss about the major issues that arises when you try to access Netflix on macbook.

How To Watch Netflix On Macbook

Problems That Occur When Using Netflix On Macbook

How To Watch Netflix On Macbook

A user has some problems when they want to watch Netflix and if they own a Macbook, the biggest problem is with the application. Actually, there is no dedicated application for the users so they can download their favorite shows or movies and watch them even if there is no internet-connected with their device.

This is a problem that has been addressed by the people many times, but still, there are no signs that show that Netflix is working on a Mac application. This is one of the biggest reasons why the people who use Macbook are many times frustrated with Netflix.

Despite being one of the best computing devices their users cannot even afford to install the application of the biggest streaming platform in the world. But users have figured out ways in which they can still do this and access the content even when they are offline.

There are some third-party applications that can be used by people to access Netflix on Macbook. There will be a dedicated application, but the users can use these applications. The problem is not only with Netflix, but also with Apple. Any enterprise has to develop different applications for iOS, iPad-OS and mac-OS and that is something that is not feasible.

Apple is now working to allow developers to create one application that can work on all three platforms. They need to design a framework that can help developers to easily develop applications for all these devices. This way this problem related to Netflix application will also get solved for all the users.

Macbooks users are waiting for the time when Apple gets success in developing this framework and they will officially be able to enjoy Netflix in the form of an application on their device.

How Can The Problems Get Solved?

The solution to the problem can be either using a third-party application. Using a third-party application is something that comes with a risk.

Users either need to do good research and then decide the application with best reviews and genuinely because there can be some applications that might take away information of the users and not give them what they want and that is why users must stay alert and know if the application that they are going to use is genuine or not.

How To Watch Netflix On Macbook

One other option that we think users should choose is surfing Netflix through the browser. There might be no download option, but at least it will be safe and there will be no issues related to speed and the content that users will watch, Third-party applications might lag and might not work properly in case of some minor technical issues, but the Netflix website will always work smoothly.

Users can either choose the Safari browser or Google Chrome for this purpose. Both the browsers are safe as well as fast. These browsers can provide users with the best experience of using Netflix on Macbook. This is something that Macbook users should prefer until they don’t get a dedicated application for their device.

In this world where the internet has already become such a scary place, it is important that users think twice before trusting applications that do not have a strong reputation in the market.

Third-party applications might give users something that they are not able to do because of some reason but there are risks that might take things away from them and those things are far more valuable than anything any third-party application can provide.

Watch Netflix On Macbook using A VPN

Talking about using Netflix from browsers like Safari and Google Chrome on Macbook we can not forget about using a VPN. A VPN is something that can enhance the experience that a user has on the internet. There are a lot of restrictions on the internet nowadays and they are everywhere. There are some countries that have more strict rules than others, but there is no country whose citizens can use anything that they want on the internet. 

How To Watch Netflix On Macbook

This is true for all the countries including superpowers like the USA and UK. This is the reason why no matter what a person wants to do over the internet they need to protect themselves and also for the quality they need to find something on their own.

The internet is unequal and to make it equal it is important that users choose to connect to the internet with a VPN. There are many things that can be done with a VPN and the most important thing that they provide is security and privacy over the users.

There are many people who have sensitive data over their machine and they need to do big transactions over the internet and that is why they need to protect their connection. 

Other than security there are benefits that can give a lot of power to the users over the internet. The threat is so big that we can’t even analyze, and people think that their governments are protecting them over the internet, but they don’t know that they themselves have total access over their citizen’s IP addresses and hence, they can track online activity of their citizens.

The government has agencies that have hackers that can provide them with all the information that they need. This is just the opposite of what is something that they need to do, but what can people do about it, nothing, they need to protect themselves on their own.

This is the reason why a VPN is almost compulsory for them. Here I recommend Surfshark VPN for you and it offers plenty of benefits for you. Also it is one of the top three VPNs. There are other ways like using a proxy, but that is something that is neither reliable nor safe. A proxy server mostly lags and provides really poor speed.

The users who do a lot of video streaming will never like to use a proxy because they will face a lot of problems if they want to watch high definition videos. 

Also proxy gives nothing when compared to a VPN and hence the users’ access to the content and websites is still limited. Proxy addresses are also traceable and until the user is not using a high-quality proxy server they will not be able to access the internet even in the normal way.

Benefits Of Using VPN With Netflix

MacBook has great benefits over many other devices if you are using VPN with Netflix. A Mac supports both VPN as well as DNS equally well. There are plenty of additional advantages offered on using VPN with Netflix such as:

  • A VPN service helps in encrypting the internet data and pipes it to any server located in other geographical locations of the world. As a result, every internet activity directly comes from that server.
  • It hides the real location well and thus the user can access Netflix content of any region without any geographical or governmental boundaries.
  • VPNs provide added security while surfing the data. It does not keep any log of users’ browsing data. VPN services make it sure that all the internet activity of the user remains private only to him/her.
  • With a good internet speed, VPN can help in streaming Netflix from MacBook in a hassle-free manner. Though it is a complicated process, it provides the most secure connection to browse the internet.

Is It Possible To Use Netflix With Free VPN?

The answer to this question is yes and no both, actually it depends on the VPN. There are a lot of VPN servers that have been identified by the security teams of Netflix and they know that a user is using a VPN when they see that address and the users get blocked and not allowed to watch Netflix with the VPN on.

The main reason a person uses VPN with Netflix is to remove the geo-restrictions from the content. There are so many countries where the producers have put restrictions on the content made by them.

Geo-restrictions are something that limits the spread of some content over an area. This is something that people feel is not right because it creates inequality, there are some reasons for geo-restrictions but above all, there is one reason and that is there should be equality for all the users over the internet. The problem with free VPNs is that they are not reliable and also most of them are not strong or anonymous enough to pass the barrier that has been created by Netflix to stop users who are coming with the help of a VPN.

Free VPNs come with a lot of risks and the biggest risk is that most of the free VPN service providers keep logs on the online activity of their users. This is what they take, it is not free, they take something that is even more valuable than money and that is the information of all the online activity.

They share this information with the companies that pay them the highest price for it and earn their revenue that they need to keep running the application, accumulating data, and keep earning by selling your privacy. It isn’t this scary, so the best way to stay safe from all this is to avoid it.

There can be nothing better than choosing a top VPN like ExpressVPN that can provide great speed, security, and multiple connections for the users. There are so many things that a person needs to think about before choosing the VPN that will fulfill their requirements and also come in their budget.

ExpressVPN might be the most expensive, but is the best in terms of speed and security and when the user wants to lower their budget, then there are VPNs like Nord and IPVanish that are also great to be used with Netflix. Users need to pay attention to their requirements to find the best VPN for them because no VPN service provider is perfect and everyone has their own quality. It is important to know which quality is needed more by you.

This is the best way to decide the best VPN. There are so many and hence users need to do proper research before they decide which is the best option for them.


1. How To Unblock Netflix And Watch Region-Based Content?

The process to remove geo-restrictions on the content that is available for a specific region is easy. The user has to log in to the VPN and connect to the server in the region where they want to remove the geo-restrictions and want to watch the content that is restricted in their region.

2. Do All VPNs Work With All Versions Of MacOS?

This is something that is specific to VPN providers. Most of the top VPN providers have dedicated applications for macOS users. It is better to do proper research by checking the official websites of all the chosen VPNs thoroughly and make sure if they have a macOS application or compatibility or not. I strongly recommend one of the top three VPN, SurfShark to work on MacOs. 

3. Will A VPN Impact The Speed Of The Internet Connection?

Yes, a VPN does impact the speed of the base internet connection. Most of the VPNs decrease the speed and the difference is great. There is a speed analysis of all the top VPNs available on the internet. There are some VPNs that provide great speed to the users. High-speed VPNs are great for streaming purposes.

4. How Much Data Is Sufficient To Watch Netflix On MacBook With VPN?

If one needs VPN service for quick as well as secure browsing, 500MB data per month is enough. But for streaming high-quality content on Netflix, more than 10 GB of data per month may be needed. Data caps are not a matter of worry for premium VPN service users because they offer unlimited data as well as good internet speed.

5. How To Get A Free VPN For A MacBook?

All the VPNs are compatible with the most recent versions of macOS. If the user has a version that is no longer supported, then he/she may have the need to use the OpenVPN app for configuration purposes with Mac manually.


The above article was about using Netflix on Macbook and the ways in which VPN can help the users to use it without any limits. There are geo-restrictions on the content that is available in Netflix USA or Netflix UK and that can be removed when a user connects to a VPN server in those regions.

It is really easy to do this when the users are accessing one of the top VPN providers like ExpressVPN and it can create problems when the user decides to go with a Free VPN. The first thing that everyone needs to think about is privacy and then about the benefits. There is no bigger power over the internet than privacy. It is important that a user reads the privacy policy of the VPN provider that they are going to choose so that they are safe from any type of privacy breach.

There have been some of the paid VPN providers that have been exposed that they were keeping logs. It is really hard to gain the trust of the users once it is broken and hence now this problem has reduced with paid VPNs at least.

Netflix has also become smart and they have found out ways to know some of the VPN servers and have blocked them and that is why it is important to read all the services that a VPN can provide. VPN providers have now become honest and they do not write that their VPN is compatible with Netflix and other streaming apps if they have been identified by their firewall.

Though all the VPN services providers keep working to make their servers look as natural as possible but still, users cannot take a risk with their money. They need to make sure that the VPN they are choosing will work well with Netflix.

Another thing that we discussed in the article was the unavailability of a dedicated application for the Macbook users and that was the central problem of the article. Though there are only third-party ways of this problem at the moment there is a possibility that there will be a dedicated application in future. Apple and Netflix both the companies will surely find a way so that their users don’t have to suffer.

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