How To Watch HBO Max From Anywhere in the World

If you have landed into this website means that you are a non-resident of the US. I hope that you are aware that the HBO Max is Geo-restricted and their web services are available only for the US residents. So if you are looking for the best solution to solve this problem, then you have to buy a VPN, which will help you to watch HBO Max from anywhere.

Actually it is not fair that the web streaming companies impose the geo restriction. It is kind of discriminating against people based on where they live. You must accept the fact that the US residents enjoy watching a lot of content than the rest of the world. So the best solution to unblock all the geo restrictions imposed is to have a VPN.


In this article let's look in detail about how to watch HBO from anywhere and the importance of using VPN for it. A VPN is a Virtual Private Network which will mask your IP address of your device and replace it with the VPN’s IP address.

For example: To access the HBO Max you need a US server, since it is available only to US residents. When you use a VPN you can swap your IP address and change it into a US server, thereby you will be able to enjoy watching movies and web series in HBO Max.

How To Watch HBO Max From Anywhere

Difference Between HBO, HBO GO, HBO NOW And HBO Max

How To Watch HBO Max From Anywhere


HBO is a paid TV channel which can be purchased via your cable TV provider. This channel might be present in your package or you must add-on to your existing TV package and the cost varies in accordance to the cable company.


HBO GO is an online streaming application and a website which allows you to access HBO content, if you pay for the HBO channel. It is also included free along with the HBO cable Tv channel.


HBO Now is also a streaming service, but it is a standalone service that costs $14.99 /m. People who don't pay for cable also can get access to HBO Now. The content offered by HBO Now is the same as that of HBO GO. But there are different applications across all platforms.


HBO Max is a new WarnerMedia service that combines both the existing HBO GO and HBO Now, ie. all of HBO along with new additional content will be found in HBO Max. The new content includes the Warner Brothers blockbusters and popular TV shows like Friends, Classic films, Cartoon Network, Studio Ghibli titles and new, exclusive originals.

What about the existing users of HBO Go/Now ?

How To Watch HBO Max From Anywhere

You might ask the question "What about the existing customers of HBO Go/ Now?" Don't worry I have the answer for that too.

If you are a subscriber to HBO via either cable or internet Tv provider, then you already have access to HBO Max. Major providers like AT&T TV, Spectrum, Verizon Fios, Hulu, Optimum, Cox, DirecTV, and Comcast Xfinity support HBO Max. 

So if you have already using any one of these providers, then you can use your credentials and login and access HBO Max. 

The existing HBO Now customers who have been paying directly to HBO Now or via  Apple, Verizon Fios,  Optimum,  Samsung, Google Play,  Consolidated Communications, or Liberty Cablevision of Puerto Rico, then your account will be converted to HBO Max.

You can download all the content of HBO Max locally, but with few limitations. Users will get a total 30 downloads per account across all the devices and user profiles. After 30 days or after 48 hours you have started watching the offline videos your downloads will expire automatically.

Users can also renew the expired downloaded videos. In addition to this only 5 copies of a web series or movie can be downloaded across users various devices. 

HBO Max offers two different download options for its users. One option is Highest quality, where the time taken to download a file will be longer and the other option is the fastest download option where you can download small files at a faster rate. You can either get the HBO Max by subscribing directly through WarnerMedia or purchase a subscription through a cable TV or internet service.

I strongly recommend ExpressVPN to unblock HBO Max. If you are not satisfied with ExpressVPN you can use their 30 days return policy and get a refund. This is all about how to HBO Max from anywhere and the importance of using VPN along with it.

Why Do You Need a VPN To Watch HBO Max?

As told earlier only US residents can access the HBO Max, so if you are from another country, HBO Max will block your IP address. You will only see error messages on your screen.

So here comes the VPN into rescue. Just by changing your IP address you can connect your device to the US server and enjoy watching HBO Max. Not only that, VPN offers you many other benefits also.

VPNs save your device from hackers and any third party attacks. You must be aware that the government agencies and hackers or any third party try to monitor your online activity and try to snoop inside and collect your data. This puts your security at stake. So to avoid this you need a VPN to secure your connection.

There are some websites and applications which you cannot access and this may be due to the local censorship. But you can access all the websites and applications which are blocked in your region with the help of a VPN.

Free VPN vs Paid VPN

You might think about using a free vpn for unblocking HBO Max, but the reality is that you cannot unblock HBO Max using a free VPN. While paid VPNs which have adequate number of servers and IP addresses struggle to unblock this HBO Max, do you think that Free VPN will be able to get through the restrictions? 

The other danger of using free VPNs is, your security will be compromised. The main purpose of using a VPN is to unblock web streaming services and to improve your online privacy and security. But the free VPNs not only provide you with poor security, but they are also unable to unblock famous web streaming services based on geo-restrictions.

Using the best paid VPN to unblock HBO Max is very important. I recommend ExpressVPN for our readers to unblock the HBO Max. ExpressVPN is the bestest VPN among others. It has more than 3000 servers across 95+ countries all over the world. It provides the fastest network connection and amazing security for its users.

This VPN has many security features including 256-bit AES encryption, protection against IPv6, WebRTC, and DNS leaks, and also includes a kill switch. Since ExpressVPN offers a reliable service you can opt for this VPN to unblock HBO Max.

Have you ever thought about the source of income for the free VPNs? If you don't, then know that they log your online activities and sell them to the company which offers your highest bid. You might think what is the after effect of selling your logging activities, the thing is you will get annoying ads targeting you based on your online activities and your passwords and personal details can be hacked  easily.

These are some of the dangers of using a free VPN. This is why I would recommend you to buy a paid VPNs which is affordable in range.


I hope that I have faithfully answered the question how to watch HBO from anywhere and the importance of using VPN for HBO Max.

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