Free VPN vs Paid VPN – Which one is better to go for?

free vs paid vpn

What will be your reaction if I say I’m giving you something for free? I’m sure you are ready to accept it.Because, we all love to get things for free, Right?

If they are available. It’s human nature; we can do nothing about it. And, It's a well-known fact that nothing in life is incredibly free.

Whatever we think we are getting for free is costing us even more. Every stuff has its unique price and particularly in case of Web and the related things it is incredibly dependable.

The Internet is so vast that frauds can occur very often and the worse part is that we don’t have any knowledge about it.


Whereas, on the other hand, the things we pay for, actually worth it. Most of them provide us a premium and a far better Experience.

And, Similarly in case of the VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) this Free v/s Paid thing do work. There is a lot of difference between Paid and Free VPNs.

In most cases, Paid VPNs have many plus points over the usual free available VPNs. But, that doesn’t mean these free VPNs are utterly useless.

They do have their significance. There are many things that you should know before going for any of the free or paid versions of VPNs.

This little knowledge can do significant work for you. In this post, we will tell you many important things regarding VPNs, and at last, we will leave it to you to decide whether paid VPNs worth the amount we pay from them or not.

What are VPNs?, Why Do We Need Them?

The term VPN Stands for “Virtual Private Network.” A Virtual Private Network Or VPN enables the user to get secure access to any public networks privately.

It is a network that is designed for private networks and things related to it. A user using VPN can securely send and receive any form of data while working on a private network very quickly. They are of a various type and are readily available in both Paid and Free forms. 

VPNs are generally installed in the Private Corporations and Organisations. It is so to give secure access to the mainframe of their organizations to its employees.

VPNs can also allow the employees to approach the Intranet of the office. VPNs are mainly Used to Decrease the security risk and hacking while doing a transfer of data and similar kind of stuff.

They do their work correctly and are a prominent example of secure networks. VPNs are also used to hide the geographical location of the user, and thus, many websites have blocked access of users using VPN technology.

Now, the question arises is, Do we need them?, And If so, then why? The answer to this question can be of a real complex type.

Because VPNs have various uses and depending on their, the priority of using it can be defined. There are many kinds of uses of VPNs that makes them so popular around the globe.

As I have told earlier, VPNs are all about security. People use VPNs to get access to any Public Wi-Fi securely; they are used for downloading files, transferring data, playing games, decrypting modules, and hiding geo-locations.

Geo-Tracking, Data Piracy and many similar kinds of problems can be easily solved by using VPN services.

Many big firms have added VPNs as their first security priority due to their security services. So, they are of high use and are very needy in the present context.   

Free VPN vs Paid VPN Services

Whenever one seeks for VPNs, He came to know about the fact that the VPNs can be paid or free.

And, it depends upon him what he wants to choose. Mostly, the demand of Paid VPNs is higher than that of the free one.

This is because of the simple, easy and extremely premium experience provided by them. On the other hand, what we think about free VPNs can be a total mess, because getting a Woking free VPN isn’t easy.

In fact, most of them aren’t even legit. They are mostly provided by some third-party applications and is a risky method. These applications can easily steal your data like Your Name, your Geo-location, contacts, files, etc.

Without drawing your attention towards it. Just in case, if you can find a working and a without scam, free VPN provider then there is one more thing about them that’s very annoying.

They have pop-up ads that come on screen very often. So, if you want to get rid of it, you have to PAY for it. As I said, Free things are Myth.

Paid VPNs don’t have these issue with it. They can be easily installed and used. The most important thing is that their privacy level is so high that we can trust them blindly. They are secure and scam free. The best-paid VPN provider to date is ExpressVPN.

Things that makes Paid VPNs Far better than Free One-

Whenever we search on any store like iPhone Store or Google Play store, it mostly gives us results of Free VPNs applications as they look more reliable and attracts more audience towards them. But, the fact is that there are many pros and cons of using paid and free VPNs.

And, in case of free VPNs, they have many Cons. So, here we are bringing you some points that will give you a clear statement about which one is better, Free or Paid VPN. To be honest, I’ll hugely recommend you to go for paid one because of its low-risk policies.

Below, we have given Ten Such points that make Paid VPN a better and more reliable option than Free VPN. These points will also make it clear to you why you should never go for Free VPN services. Here they are:

#1 Better Security

better security

The very first reason to choose Paid VPNs over Free VPNs is their security policies. Paid VPNs provide more secure and reliable connectivity than that of free VPNs. There are many issues regarding security in free VPNs.

For many beginners, their data can be at risk while using free VPNs.

 This is because most of the free VPNs service administrative are known to provide only one sort of VPN connection which is “Point-to-Point Tunnelling Protocol (PPTP).” but their security is no longer useful.

They are very much less secure and can be easily hacked by hackers. If you are someone who doesn’t care much about security and who want to watch online videos, then this may not be on your issue list.

While the Paid clients get more alternatives to using Paid VPNs. Its prominent example is that they get OpenVPN (An Open Source Convention that utilizations SSL encryption) Service Or the Layer 2 Tunnel Protocol (L2TP) and IPsec blend. The L2TP itself isn't scrambled, so IPsec includes the encryption layer to make it more secure.

When one pay for the VPN services then, most of the VPN service providers tends to provide you the best and most secure connection.

One must not go for VPN services that provide only the PPTP type of connections. If you came to about any Free VPN, ensure that provides OpenVPN Service protocol then please analyze it accurately because no one does it for Free.

#2 Availability of VPN

The next thing that makes us go for Paid VPNs instead of Free one is the VPN Availability. The Paid VPNs are just prominent in this field.

They provide a fare, continuously working, and a fast connection. Expecting you would not often prefer disconnection while the VPN connection, at that point a continuous availability of VPN is very essential.

The transmission capacity issue portrayed above joined with an absence of different VPN hubs puts the free VPN supplier in the side.

These Free VPNs has many connections problems that make the connectivity worsen. Assume, you are doing transferring some of your essential data online, and the connection went down because of this free VPN thing, then you must be angry, disappoint, and sad at the same time. And this issue happens very often in free VPNs.

While in the paid VPNs the connectivity is smooth and continuous. Moreover, they have many VPN servers, so if any such issue happens then, it can be easily solved by diverting the connection service to another server. This makes Paid VPN a better option instead of the Free one.

#3 24×7 Supporting Staff For Help

24×7 Supporting Staff For Help

If you are new to this VPN World of Internet, you may seem to be confused. As you don’t have any proper knowledge about it, you may need someone who can tell you about the VPNs clearly and can make you understand its uses.

Or maybe while using the VPNs service an error occur that you don’t know how to solve. 

So, in this kind of circumstances, One may need a supporting staff or customer support to help him in solving the error or clearing them how to use VPNs.

Nearly every free VPN provider doesn’t have the customer support service. So, if you get into any trouble while using free VPNs then, you have to get out of it on your own.

On the other hand, there are Paid VPNs. Most of the Paid VPN service providers have 24×7 Customer support to help their user in any conditions they are.

Their executives will help us in solving your problem, and they also tell us how to use their VPN services effectively and without errors.

One can call them anytime on the phone number provided by them. In most of the cases, the support staff solves the issues within the matter of few minutes.

#4 The Nodes Locations Or The VPN Services

You may be amazed to know that by providing you VPN connection companies have to spend money for it.

The More servers they, the more cash they have to pay for doing so. Now the question arises, For what reason would any free VPN supplier provide you access to those hundreds of servers in more than fifty nations if he gets a couple of bucks out of promoting on his VPN page?

It apparently won't be able to pay the servers and data transmission expenses which can be more than $5 a month.

As expressed earlier, paid VPNs are a more prior option than free VPNs. These Paid VPN suppliers give a more unusual number of servers accessible. These suppliers additionally have more server scope in a more significant amount of regions around the world than free VPNs do.

But, some of the regular servers are accessible from both paid and free VPNs, as London and NY, others are not. This becomes more clear when we use the free VPNs.

So, more traffic is diverted on these two or three networks that can even make the server fail. But, having hundreds of available servers, paid VPNs never have these issues.

That’s why we need a VPN that can provide us liberated web opportunity with a premium experience. In this class, free VPNs are not in the show and thus, Paid VPNs are the only hope we have.

#5 More User Privacy

Everybody loves their privacy because of which we don’t want our stuff to be publicly available. The privacy level in the Paid VPNs is very much high. But, in the Free available VPNs, your privacy, your data is at real risk.

These free VPN providers monitor your online activities like where you go online? When you go online? How much time do you spend using a particular website? And so on.

They also monitor your logging details, and that’s the riskiest things for any of us. Countries like Russia and China provide funds to these free VPN administrations for overseeing these activities. They track you whenever you use them that means your location is being tracked continuously.

In the fall of 2017, a free VPN providing organization named free VPN, which is situated in Hong Kong had said that it doesn't keep the client’s logs, but, it was called in a government arraignment as having given client logs to the FBI.

But, In case of the Paid VPN services the connectivity is fully incognito, they never monitor your activities, not even the websites you visited or your logs. That makes them a better and secure option than the free VPNs.

#6 Better Speed of Connections

The next and one of the most important thing is the connection speed at which we are going to use the service.

And guess what, again the winner is Paid VPNs. Now, Let’s be a little honest, we all want to get the VPN service for free if it can do our work.

And just like that, if any of the free VPN services become popular then due to an extreme number of users, their working servers become excessively busy, and that makes the connections speed go low.

It takes a lot of money genuinely to fulfill the system and servers demand for the VPN providers. And, being a free service provider, they don’ actually have the assets to maintain the needs of the servers and this lack of money makes the server go low that eventually decreases the connection speed.

That also makes the disruptions in the connections very often and the slow pace a kind of regular thing.

While, on the other side there are the paid VPN suppliers, who can very quickly provide a better connection speed.

They can soon convey a very vast number of user connection at any given moment without adding any load on the server that makes the connection speed to be normal. This is because they have tied up with a lot of servers around the globe.

For example, a VPN service provider named “IPVanish” celebrates more than 700 servers in more than 65 nations in the world. It merely means that it doesn’t indicate where are you in the world these paid VPNs service providers can provide you a high-speed speedy VPN Connection from anywhere.

#7 Quality of Service

Like, we all know cheap things can never provide us a better experience than the paid one. It’s all a well-known fact. And here we are talking about free things so, expecting the service quality to be right doesn’t make any sense.

The free VPN don’t care about the user experience. They don’t, they don’t care about your feedback, about your problems, nothing.

You may be amazed to know that by getting a Paid VPN service you can have a lot of different features that make the user experience to be more premium. On the other hand, the free VPN is more likely to not care about any of the user’s need.

These free VPN administrations, which are for the most used services, put a breaking point on how much information the client gets, how rapidly he gets it, or what number of servers he can associate.

They put restrictions on the data usage too that makes it tough for the user to use them. Thus, we have to go for the paid VPN services as they are more likely not to have these restrictions.

By differentiate, the paid VPN service providers provide more user-friendly and better quality of the service that isn’t given by the free VPN providers.

They usually offer unlimited or boundless information, without data limit and hundreds (even thousands) of points of connections, and their delivery rate is also satisfying.

The paid VPNs provide make premium features like the DDoS Protection, better connection speed, Internet Kill-Switch, Multi-User Logins, DNS-Leak Protection, Split Tunnelling, Golden Hours, Geo-Location analyzer, etc. And these all different features gives us full privacy, security, accessibility with a more premium experience.

#8 Pricing

From the very first line of this text, I’m trying to tell you that nothing is free in this world. Everything has its fixed cost that we have to pay. So do in the VPNs. The Paid VPNs charge us while letting us know.

But, In case of the Free VPNs, we don’t know how significant cost we are paying for using them. You may not know that these free VPN providing companies can sell your data and details to any third-party organization and can make millions out of it.

This price is way higher than that we pay for the Paid One. The practical or average price of a paid VPN is nearly $5/month costing $60 per annum, which is a minimal price to pay for a security purpose.

While the free VPNs many people love to prefer were sponsored by big firms that tend to steal your data without letting you know.

They also get paid for the ads appears while using them. So, they make bucks by serving you ads and selling your data. That only means the price of Free VPNs is higher than that of the Paid VPNs.

#9 Ads Free

Whenever we are using internet or anything, we don’t want to it get interrupted. We want our experience of using that thing to be smooth and continuous.

But let me tell you one thing about Free VPNs, they are incredibly full of ads that can pop-up on your device’s display anytime. And they are kind of weird and annoying too.

One more thing, if you want to get this issue solved you have to PAY for it. I mean really?, We have to pay for a Free thing? This Advertisement can be in the form of video, audio, and Image and it takes a couple of minutes to fade it out of our screen.

Apparently, in Paid VPNs, no such problem ever existed. They provide a very smooth, ad-free and a very keen experience to their user. They don’t have any inbuilt pop-up ads service that interrupts while using them. This makes them more user-friendly and a better alternative than Free VPNs.   

#10 Different Platforms/Devices Support

Undoubtedly, we all surf the Web by using various gadgets, it can be a smartphone, computer, laptop, tablet, etc. So, why we only make our smartphone secure by using the VPN service why not all the devices we use?

Luckily, the Paid VPN service provider can secure any of the web-enabled gadget or device in which you can surf the internet.

They can secure your computer or laptop, your tablet or your Android, all you have to do is to install their official app and do q quick login through the server.

Paid VPN service providers, like PureVPN, IPVanish, provides VPN service for every primary platform in the form of their prescribed applications.

They offer some easy to understand points to follow that will help in setting up the VPN for your new device with your pre-registered account.

Whereas, in case of the Free VPNs, no such features is available. Most of the free VPNs work on a single device- mainly the smartphones.

Final Words

After reading this whole post, it might be clear to you that which one is better for you either the Free VPNs or The Paid VPNs.

Free VPNs acts like they don’t cost you anything but actually, they make millions out of you as we have discussed earlier. So, Whenever you are utilizing any free VPN, then the thing is that you are bargaining your online protection and security by using them.

I’m not saying that all the Paid VPNs out there are fully trustable and are secure but, by doing little random research you can easily find an ideal Paid VPN of your choice that can provide you a safe, comfortable and premium experience.

Free Services can make you get in real troubles. If you install a scammed free VPN application and if it can gain control over your device, then the result may be bad for you or I say wrong. So, you should choose the Paid Services.

Paid VPNs provides you a fast speed, smooth, more reliable, secure, without ads and scam free service experience. Their privacy policies are more confident and are in favor of the privacy of the user’s data.

Eventually, I guess we have answered every single question regarding VPNs like:

What is VPN?,

Free V/s Paid VPNs?,

Which is Better?, Etc.

Even though, if you are having any trouble finding the VPN of your choice or any other issue regarding VPNs, then please let us know in the comment section. We will try to solve it as soon as possible. 


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